The fluoride and infertility connection

The Fluoride and Infertility Connection
Where Do We Go From Here?
By Heidi M. Jost RN, CCP IKH, CH
Male and female infertility is increasing. The effects of fluoride
on female and male fertility are and have been an area of growing
concern. Our environment has become a fluoride dumping ground.
Fluoride is in our air (It is the number one pollutant.), water, soil, food,
vitamins, toothpaste, medications, clothes, toys, carpets, furniture and
non-stick cookware; Teflon, just to list some of the sources. Fluoride is
an industrial waste-product from the pollution scrubbers of phosphate
fertilizer plants, aluminum producing plants
, etc. Fluoride has been
added to the United States’ water supply for over 60 years now.
Fluoride toxicity is linked to problems of infertility, endocrine
disorders; i.e. hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders and diseases and
diabetes, neurological disorders and diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis,
heart disease and cancer.
Without the necessary flow of all phases of our biological systems
in relationship to each other, ovulation and sperm production become
impaired. Reproduction of the species suffers in variant forms.
(Actually, all species) Synchronicity of the flow of hormones needed to
support development of a healthy follicle and healthy active sperm is
essential for reproduction in its most optimal condition. The
appropriate level of hormones is also needed for a normal menstrual
cycle and normal healthy viable sperm. It has been noted that small
amounts of exposure to sodium fluoride causes reproductive toxic
effects.1-3 In males the reproductive toxic effects include increases in
numbers of abnormal spermatozoa,2 loss of spermatogenesis,3 and
interference with steroidogenesis.4 There is a dramatic increase in
abnormal, mutated sperm which has been shown in many animal
species as well as in humans.6
In Dr. Susheela’s experience consuming fluoride contaminated
water and food has resulted in male infertility with abnormality in
sperm morphology, oligospermia (deficiency of spermatozoa in the
semen), azoospermia (absence of spermatozoa in the semen) and low
testosterone levels.5 It is well established that in women, fluoride is
known to cause ectopic calcification of arteries. 5 This results in
repeated miscarriages and still births since the fetal arteries calcify
arresting the growth of the fetus.5 Fluoride ingestion also leads to
anemia in pregnancy and low birth weight babies.5
There is also documentation from Grand Rapids and Newburgh
where the first fluoridation was done, and Racine, Wisconsin where
they looked at mortality rates 5/10 years later. They found a large
increase in stillborns (30%), infant death rate (38%) and neonatal death
rate (61%). Within a four year period there was a 100% increase in
congenital malformations! Also it is important to note on the topic of
fertility that the halogen, Bromine, was given to our soldiers to lower
fertility in World War I. Bromine is presently in our public pools and
the teenagers drink of choice, Mountain Dew! Fluoride binds to
receptor sites, accumulates in the body and impedes our normal cellular
functions. Fortunately, for the most part, fluoride toxicity is reversible.
To ensure fertility in its optimal healthy state you can become
proactive and take the fluoride out of your life and those you love. The
goal is to remove fluoride from all facets of our lives. The bulk of our
fluoride exposure is in our water and in food processing.
To remove fluoride from our water there are distillers and
filtering systems. Reverse osmosis removes about 1/3 of the fluoride
levels. Distillization removes most. Be wary because some filtration
systems do not remove any fluoride. Two good products for fluoride
removal are Aquasana and Blue Rhino. If you have well water you
should have no more than ½ ppm (parts per million) of fluoride in your
water system. Trace amounts of natural fluorine are acceptable.
Activated alumina filters are available for your shower and bath water
which remove fluoride. Though studies indicate that under desirable
conditions there is no leaching of compounds from the activated
alumina filters, I would still get the water tested since you don’t want
any synthetic aluminum oxide leaching out since aluminum is neuro-
toxic. Just be sure since our skin is our largest organ.
Make sure you are eating good organic food. We need mineral
rich food! Know your food source or investigate it since some organic
foods are being sprayed with cryolite (contains aluminum and fluoride);
a synthetic poison that is acceptable by organic regulations. If you take
medications investigate the composition to ensure that there is no
fluoride compound present; i.e. birth control pills and Prozac contain
fluoride. A study found that women on Prozac where less fertile than
normal. If you are not obtaining all necessary daily vitamins and
minerals from good food, supplement accordingly.
When you read fluoride studies take note on who sponsors the
research. There is testing available on organic and inorganic substances
(most consistent laboratory thus far with results).
Here are some websites of interest
In the 17th and 18th centuries fluorine was nicknamed “The
Devil’s Poison”.7 There is a direct correlation with infertility and
fluoride in our world. The focus here is being healthier by removing the
fluoride in your life. On behalf of this article I would state my phrase
“Fluoride Free for Fertility!”
Heidi Marie Jost has been a registered nurse for 26 years
and a certified clinical perfusionist for 18 years. She has 11 years of
experience with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage
and is a certified self-care Maya Abdominal Massage teacher. An
integrated kabbalistic healer, Heidi graduated from A Society of Souls
in June of 2002. She has 3 three years professional training and 4 years
of graduate studies in advanced healing.

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