October 2, 2013
Win a $1,000 CappexConnect Scholarship:
Enter to win $1,000 just for attending our free fair! Requirements to
be eligible for our scholarship include:
Attend the fair and view two or more presentations (30 Minutes Each)
Visit two unique college booths
Apply for the scholarship on
John Montgomery Belk Scholarship
Is one of our nation's most prestigious and generous undergraduate
scholarships. The scholarship can provide you comprehensive funding
at Davidson College (tuition, fees, room and board) plus study
stipends, and allows you great flexibility in the on- and off-campus
opportunities you choose to explore. Those experiences, paired with
our academic programs, deepen your intelligence, maturity and global
understanding. More information is in the counseling center. If you
are interested please sign the sheet in the counseling center by
October 25, 2013.
Tuscola Scholarship Committee will nominate the
nominee by November 9th, 2013.
Forgivable Education Loans for Service(FELS)
This program provides funding for North Carolina students pursuing
programs leading to to careers in areas with critical need such as
nursing, teaching, allied health fields and medicine. Students who
receive funds through this program must sign a promissory note
agreeing to work in North Carolina after graduation in an approved
position, one year for each academic year of funding received. This
application and program information will be available in November
2013 at Priority deadline for submitting
application is April 1, 2014.

Wells Fargo
When you sign up to receive college planning and money management
information from Wells Fargo’s CollegeSTEPS Program you will
automatically be entered in the CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes for a chance
to win $1,000. Enroll at A total of 100
high school students will be awarded $1,000 each.
Boston University Trustee Scholarship
Boston University’s most prestigious merit-based award recognizes
students who show outstanding academic and leadership abilities.
Every year, Boston University welcomes about 20 outstanding students
to the Trustee Scholars Program. Many of our current Scholars had
perfect 4.0 grade point averages in high school, and typically ranked
in the top 5–10% of their class. More information at If you are interested please sign the
sheet in the counseling center by 10/25/13.
Tuscola Scholarship
Committee will nominate the nominee by December 1, 2013.
American Chemical Society Scholars Program
African American, Native American and Hispanic students planning to
pursue full-time study in a chemically-related field with outstanding
academic records and a desire to pursue a career in the chemical
sciences can apply for an ACS Scholars Award. A high school student
must demonstrate high academic achievement in chemistry or science
(Grade Point Average 3.0, "B" or better), financial need according to
the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) and the
Student Aid Report (SAR) form, intends to major in chemistry,
biochemistry, chemical engineering or a chemically-related
science OR intending a degree in chemical technology
More information at
Students can complete an application online beginning
November 1, 2013
Anne Ford Scholarship
Provides financial assistance to graduating seniors with a
documented Learning Disability, who will be attending a four-year
bachelor’s degree program. Must have: a Grade point average (GPA) of
3.0 or higher, a demonstrated financial need, provide documentation
of an identified learning disability and be a United States citizen.
More information and application can be found at
Deadline is December 31,
Allegra Ford Scholarship
The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is a $2,500 one-time scholarship
awarded to a graduating high school senior with a documented learning
disability who will be enrolled in a two-year community college, a
vocational or technical training program, or a specialized program
for students with LD. The ideal Allegra Ford Thomas Scholar is a
student who: 1)Articulates his or her LD and recognizes the need for
self-advocacy 2)Is committed to post-high school academic
study/career training and has begun to set realistic career goals
3)Has demonstrated perseverance and is committed to achieving
personal goals despite the challenges of LD 4)Participates in school
and community activities 5) And Demonstrates financial need More
information and application can be found at
Deadline is December 31,

Centennial Scholarship Program
Is among the highest valued scholarships offered at North Carolina
State University. Centennial Scholarships carry the greatest value
among all scholarships at the College of Textiles. This scholarship
covers approximately 55% of expenses to attend NC State, and
on-campus housing (or a stipend for an equal amount) and a meal plan
(or predetermined allowance), with any remaining funds to be used as
a stipend for books and travel expenses (for up to eight semesters).
In addition, each Centennial Scholar will have access to a $7,500
enrichment fund that will allow him/her to participate in a variety
of leadership, language immersion and international studies programs,
attend international textile shows and benefit from other approved
textile enrichment opportunities
2 students can be nominated by THS, or a student may self-nominate
between October 1st and the end of November. More information
available at
If you are interested please sign the sheet in the counseling center
by 10/25/13.

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
Robertson Scholars online application supplements the student’s admissions application(s) to Duke and/or UNC-Chapel Hil . Al students who wish to be considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program are strongly encouraged to complete our online application. While al students who apply to Duke and UNC-Chapel Hil are automatical y considered for merit scholarships, completing the Robertson Scholars online application is the only way to ensure that the student’s materials wil be reviewed by our selection commit ee. Deadline is November 15, 2013. More information and application

Coca Cola Scholarships
Achievement based scholarships for high school senior with at least a
3.0 GPA, you may apply by completing the online application by the
October 31 deadline. The application asks for you to list your
grades, school and community activities, and employment, but noessays or additional materials are required. More information andapplication available at


Publikationsliste - prof. dr. med. prof. h. c. dr. h. c. mult. andreas marneros

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Preturi tody si biomnis

Analize la distanta HAV, hepatita A, Ac totali 46 Tody - Romania HAV, hepatita A, IgM 46 Tody - Romania HB, hepatita B, antigen Pre-S1 160 Biomnis - Franta HB, hepatita B, genotipare 570 Biomnis - Franta HB, hepatita B, incarcatura virala HB, hepatita B, mutatia YMDD 330 Biomnis - Franta HBc Ac totali 40 Tody - Romania 46 Tody - Romania HBc IgM ultrase

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