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Ultrapeel ® II plus Transderm ® Meso ® System is a powered drug-delivery system that has been FDA approved for the FDA cleared as alternative to injections. “local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body formedical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injec- Ultrapeel® Transderm® Meso® System uses Dermoelectro- Current delivery perception protected.
poration® Technology to deliver any active ingredient into thebody and when connected to Ultrapeel® microdermabrader Control on homogeneous drug delivery.
allows a very efficient transdermal delivery of products.
Real time skin impedance measurement feature. Ultrapeel ® II plus Transderm ® Meso ® System is made of the Real time transdermal delivery monitoring.
• Ultrapeel® II plus digitally controlled microdermabrader to be delivered and time of treatment.
• Transderm® Meso® delivery display w/applicator • Super Precision Liquid Dispenser - Super PLD or particular preparations / Additional terminals.
15.000 Dalton) previously nottransdermally deliverable by Reproducibility of dose delivered by means now successfully deliverabledue this outstanding Dermo- • Hyperhidrosys• Cellulite treatments derm® Meso® System due to the very high comfortable ses- • Wrinkles treatments• Fat Deposits treatments sions. Vibration feature that makes electrical pulses delivery perception to decrease significantly.
• Pre and post plastic surgery sessions• Skin Whitening treatments Ultrapeel® Transderm® Meso® System ensure speed of action, easier regulation of either Current delivery and vibration and monitors Skin impedance in Real time to give users the final results they expect. The light applicators allow users to work greatly for any skin condition and any length of treatment.
Some deliverable drugs • Type A Botulinum Toxine • Phosphatidylcoline• Hyaluronic Acid • NO IRRITATIONS, BURNINGS OR INFLAMMATIONS POWER SUPPLY: 9 V DC, 1A max, externalAVERAGE PULSE CURRENT: +/-1 mA, 2 mA, 3 mA, 4 mA, 5 mA, user selectable, 20%LOAD IMPEDANCE:0 -15 KOhmPULSE FREQUENCY:2200 Hz CLASS (ACCORDING TO EN60601-1):Class I type BF SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 240VC single phaseFREQUENCY: 50 HzPOWER ABSORPTION : 440VA FUSES: 2 x 2 AT at 220V, 50Hz EXTN CONNECTOR:9Vdc 1A maxCOMPRESSION: 2,5 bar max, adjustableSUCTION POWER:from 0.2 to 0.7 bar (below 10000 mt altitude) ABRADING MEDIA:High purity medical grade corundum powder is a new named and patented proprietary technology MATTIOLI ENGINEERING
Dermoelectroporation® technology utilizes the skin’s water based “channels” to ITALIA S.P.A.
allow ionic dug solutions to penetrate due to controlled “electroporation-like” continuous reversed polarity electrical pulses delivery. These pulses increase the skin permeability and allow transdermal delivery of drugs as occurs in tra- ditional Ionthophoresis, even if the average current value on the patient is zero.
ttio [email protected] Due to this either micro-molecules and macro-molecules (greater than 800 MATTIOLI ENGINEERING
Kdalton in size, such as Hyaluronic, Vitamins, Amino acids, Heparin, Antinflammatories etc) are safely delivered into the body without either mod- ification of the ionic drug solutions pH and Electrolysis effect of the ionic solu- tion itself. This was not possible with traditional Ionthophoresis systems before.
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