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o f t h e p r o d u c t i o n
Easy to swallow, flexible in production: Innovative Minitablets
The minitablets from Trommsdorff are an innovation with many 1. Convenient advantages for patients - Minitablets pack large quantities of active ingredient in a form that can be easily swallowed: Ideal in case of swallowing difficul- ties (especially for older persons or children).
- Small size makes it possible: compared to larger tablets mini- tablets pass quickly and uniformly through the stomach, regard- 2. Production advantages of Minitablets - Manufacturing different doses in only one tablet-forming step.
Afterwards capsules are filled according to dose.
Overview of current active ingredients
- Good alternative to pellets, but easier to manufacture You need a reliable drug manufacturer or are in an approval proce- - On demand, with retarding coatings. This opens the opportu- dure for which the active ingredient must be optimized? Ask the nity to combine tablets with a different coating into one capsule. Trommsdorff specialists! - The easy way to generate complex release profiles, i.e. initial Trommsdorff currently puts it’s Know-How and state-of-the-art and maintenance dose in one capsule lowers the risk for “dose technology at the service of other pharmaceutical companies for the galenic optimization and production of the following active - Additional option: Several chemically incompatible drugs pres- sed into minitablets, coated and combined in one single capsule.
Efficient production on a daily basis!
At Trommsdorff, production is an efficient profit center with certi- Daily production in one-shift operation:
Potassium magnesium citrate (film-coated tab.) Potassium magnesium aspartate (film-coated tab.) Solid forms of administration
Film-coated tablets Varnishing: 80-500 kg up to 4 batches Granulates: on request Exceptions: antibiotics and hormones Semi-solid forms of administration
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facturing: How can we help you?

Trommsdorff covers the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical produc- tion. Based on its own research, development and pharmaceutical formulation with state-of-the-art technology and extensive know- how, solid and semi-solid forms of administration are manufactured. Whether they are tablets, capsules or suppositories, Trommsdorff also produces a wide spectrum of products for other companies Quality is the norm
Top-notch quality, unique production facilities and our customized order execution process make Trommsdorff a solid production part- ner for both, local and international markets. Quality is key: Strict quality assurance in accordance with international current stan- dards is supplemented by an additional quality and environmental management. This controlled system functions highly efficiently by Exclusive Know-How
For tablet varnishing, Trommsdorff uses state-of-the-art coating equipment (Driam coater, Glatt coater). Product manufacturing (tablets, film-coated tablets) and all process parameters (varnishing Made by Trommsdorff: Semi-solid and solid
- mixing - drying) are accompanied by very thorough safety and production
quality controls. In addition, every batch is precisely documented.
In the manufacturing of suppositories, tablets, capsules and granu- The final testing authority remains the experienced and specialized lates, Trommsdorff combines the latest production techniques with associate in the production facility, where the drum is once more experience, pharmaceutical capability and the intuition of trained manually adjusted so it will apply sufficient varnish to the tablets specialized workers – who are key to guarantee optimal batch uniformly during the ongoing process. Experience and manual dex- terity are required for achieving this, and Trommsdorff can make Tablet-forming, encapsulation and filling
Trommsdorff suppository, tablet and capsule production begins – if there is demand and by request of the ordering customer – in phar- maceutical formulation, where dispensing and production forms are improved and optimal results and efficient manufacturing pro- cesses are secured. Due to Trommsdorff’s exceptional technologies (i.e. microtablets) our customers have often chosen us as their


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