FREE Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days
Open to All Residential Households in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties
Sponsored by the Development Authority of the North Country, St. Lawrence County
and NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
When: Saturday, June 8, 2013
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Where: Human Services Bldg., 80 SH 310, Canton, NY
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When: Saturday, Sept., 14, 2013

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Where: V of Massena Old DPW Bldg., 536 S. Main St., Massena, NY

The following materials WILL be accepted:
The following items WILL NOT be accepted:
Latex Paint (Dry up and dispose in trash)
Motor Oil (Take to service station)
Vehicle Fluids (no motor oil)
Fluorescent Light Tubes
Materials Containing PCBs
Construction / Demolition Material
Epoxy Resins
Smoke Detectors (Manufacturer Mail In)
Polishes & Waxes
Business or Agricultural Hazardous Wastes
Non-residential Hazardous Wastes
Pool Chemicals
Automotive Batteries (Take back to battery
Photography Chemicals
Household Cleaning Products
Explosives, Flares and Munitions
Driveway Sealers
Wood Preservatives
Non-hazardous Recyclable Materials
Unsorted Solid Waste
Home Chemistry Sets
Radioactive Materials
Products Containing Mercury (Thermostats)
Empty Aerosol Cans (Put in recycling bin)
OIL BASED Paints (NO Latex Paint)
Aerosol Cans Containing Product
The Following Items Will Be Accepted Free for Recycling At This Event
(Please keep separate from the hazardous waste items above)

Electronic Equipment: TVs, VCRs, DVRs, Computers, Monitors, Printers, Fax Machines,

Scanners, Keyboards, Computer Mice, Small Scale Servers, Portable
Digital Music Players, Digital Converter Boxes, Cable / Satellite Receivers,
Electronic or Video Game Consoles

Rechargeable Batteries such as Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium Ion, Sealed
Lead Acid, Nickel Metal Hydride

Single Use Batteries such as Alkaline and Lithium
Unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals will be collected by Law Enforcement at these events.
Items accepted include Over the Counter Medications, Pet Medications, Prescription Drugs
including Controlled Substances. (No sharps, medical waste or mercury thermometers)
Keep medications in their containers and place in a plastic bag.
Visit for more information or call (315)661-3234


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