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David Faxon is the owner/operator and lead trainer for Excell Fitness. Growing up inVale, Oregon David attended Western Oregon University before becoming certified withthe National Academy of Sports Medicine. David has successfully operated Excell too many people come in and take their multivitaminand they don't even eat breakfast. That's not "inaddition to," that's "in replace of." With the stresses of How many days per week
today's world including lots of pollutants in the air, should the average person
people working long hours and just an overall low exercise?
quality of life, people just aren't eating foods that are very nutrient dense. I mean, if you look at how our client and what they are capable of. A good place to foods are grown and processed in today's world, the start is 3 days per week for 30 minutes each day so the mass producers take out all our nutrients in a lot of our body has some consistency and a stimulus to change foods and then try to put some back in and call it to. Working out should be goal specific. Know what "enriched." It's not enriched if companies put back 10% you are trying to do. One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that people think that the best way to losebody fat is to come in and do long slow-steady-state What are Lipotropics and are there Lipotropics out
cardio. If your goal is to run a marathon, then yes, do there that you have found work better than others?
cardio. If your goal is to lose body fat and be healthier, Lipotropics help you emulsify the fats that are built up then I'm going to put you on high-intensity resistance around your liver so that you can burn more body fat training. High-intensity resistance training is the single when you are doing cardiovascular activity or resistance most effective way to lose body fat based on your training. When you exercise your blood sugar will start EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.) EPOC is to drop. When your blood sugar drops, your body the rate in which the body consumes oxygen after exer- decides that it is going to run out of blood sugar and it will need to find energy someplace else. Lipotropicshelp the body dump its stored energy (fat) into the How long before most people reach the mainte-
bloodstream and then the bloodstream transfers it to the nance phase of exercise?
working muscles where it can be used to power muscle That really depends. Someone trying to lose 50-100 lbs contractions. Please be aware that a lot of the diet aids will take longer than someone who is trying to lose 5 you see on the shelves are caffeine or green tea extract lbs. The leaner we get, the harder it is to take the based. They are designed to make your engine (heart) pounds off. So find your goal, factor in about 1 ½ to 2 idle a bit faster and suppress hunger. It's like crack in a lbs of fat loss per week, and that's how long it is going bottle. A crack addict doesn't eat, why? Because he's to take you to achieve your goal. If you want to lose going 90 miles per hour, he doesn't need to. weight, all you need to remember is a simple mathequation: You've got to have more energy going out Do you recommend that every person who starts
working out at a gym meets with a trainer?
Yes, I think everyone should meet with a trainer. When
What role do supplements play in exercise and
your teeth are crooked you go to an orthodontist to get which ones do you recommend?
them straightened, when your car isn't running good you I think that the key to supplements is that it means "to take it to a mechanic and when you have trouble with supplement." It means "in addition to." My your taxes you go to an accountant. Our job as a trainer supplements need to be in addition to sound nutrition is to help people lose weight and get fit. Most people ORDER NOW: Toll Free: 866.752.0065 Š International: 503.472.8320 Š Fax: 866.752.0066 Š www.orthoclassic.com
know it sounds crude, but no one understands that with What should I eat before and after exercise?
90 % of the people that come into a gym, that's what If you are just going to do cardio I suggest eating an they want. I think everybody gets up in the morning apple or a banana before you work out. If you are and to get from your bed to the bathroom most of us resistance training, eat some protein 1 ½ to 2 hours have to walk by a mirror with just our pajamas on or before you work out because you will need some fuel in whatever it is that we wear and we all kind of stop and your body. Then, when you're done, you want to have get a fleeting glance and then we dart into the shower something within your first 20 minutes like a post work- and say "oh my god, I don't want to see it!" I think that out shake or some chicken breast. There's a really we all would like to look better. The question is: What great study they just did where they took 60 guys over are you prepared to do? And the next question is: Do the age of 60 who had never worked out before. One you know what you are doing? So that's why I think group didn't get any kind of protein post workout, the you need to meet with a trainer. So you can figure out other group got it 20 minutes post workout and the third how you are going to get from A to B. My job as a trainer group got in an hour post workout. The group that got is to get you to your goal as quickly as possible by giving the protein 20 minutes post workout gained almost 3 you your plan. Whatever you are doing in the gym that times more muscle tissue than either of the other is not productive towards your goal is a waste of time groups. When you think about it, when you come in and work out, you've just stressed out your body.
Working out is a stress. It's a positive stress, but it's still What should I expect out of a personal trainer?
a stress. So it's like you are wringing out a sponge.
Accountability and to demand more of you than you would You see, when a sponge is really dry it can soak up of yourself. And not just at the gym, but in your life as well.
water very quickly. So you come in to wring your body I think that those are the most important things a trainer can out and it says "Hey, you just came in and broke down do for you. I think we are all born with a procrastination all this protein and put me through the ringer. Give me gene. If it's something that gives us pleasure, we wanted it something!" This allows our body to suck up protein yesterday. It's true. I see it all the time. People want "X", faster. And that brings up another topic, shakes. Unless whatever "X" is. The gap between want and willingness you have a meal already prepared and waiting for you creates conflict, self loathing and shame. People want to to eat at the gym, a post workout shake is the quickest look a certain way, but they don't have the will to do what it and easiest way to go. The ready-to-drink shakes are takes to get there. The saddest thing to me is when people the most expensive way to put protein in your body so have the will but they don't have a plan. They come into that's why I suggest using the powdered ones. A the gym and they are all excited and they say "Man, I want shake is for quick convenient calories that are easily to try this!" They finally work up the courage to come into the gym but they don't have a plan. So they come in andthey try for 4-6 weeks and then they give up and quitcoming in. Then they will come back in again for another4-6 weeks and try again. Fitness is a race that the tortoisealways wins.
What is the difference between circuit training and
free weights?
None really. A circuit can be done with free weights.
Essentially, circuit training is weight training that is done
in a fashion where I go from one exercise to another
without any rest in between. Circuit training is a very
effective way to train in a short period of time. In fact,
pretty much 90% of my fat loss clients are on circuits,
but I put them on what I call a two-set or a two-exercise
or three-exercise circuit. Most of your circuits are typically
7-9 minutes long. An example would be going from
bicep curls, to tricep pushdowns and then to a squat.
Do you think it helps to have a workout partner?
Yes! Statistically speaking, if you have a "good" work-
out partner, your chance of success almost doubles.
You would want a workout partner who can hold you
accountable and has similar goals, desires and fitness
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