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Mary Alleguen
Production Manager
Tony Boston
T/F 01 454 3367 M 087 258 4481 E [email protected]
T/F 01 847 4585 M 087 235 8102
Production manager/Line producer: My Boy Jack, My Left Foot, Braveheart, Reign of Fire, E [email protected] W www.tonyb.250free.com The Snapper, Murphy’s Law series 4 & 5, In the Name of the Father, Ella Enchanted, Recent credits include: George Gently, Single-Handed 2, My Boy Jack and The Escapist.
Excellent Thai speaker and have translated and done standby in Thailand. Full CV available on request.
Andrew Baird
T + 1 323 424 4292 M + 1 310 848 0133
Donnacha Brady
Location Manager
T/F 01 822 6063 M 086 832 4220 E [email protected]
10 years experience as an international award-winning director, producer and production designer of feature films, commercials, short films, documentaries and music videos. Shot in LA, London, Dublin, Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest.
Gerard Brady
028 9068 2211 M 079 6762 7471
Garret Baldwin
E [email protected] W www.offlinecentral.com M 087 252 9871 E [email protected]
Recent credits include: Our Wee World BBCNI, Over Here BBCNI, Colin & Graham’s Excellent Adventures RTE, Slán a Bheas Mé TG4. Full HD facilities.
Ignacio Martin Barbe
Ian Buckley
M 087 229 2090 E [email protected]
M 078 0274 1134 E [email protected]
More than 20 years of experience working in this business doing commercials and feature Full grip equipment at reasonable rates.
films. Evita, Happy Together, Intermission, Laws of Attraction, Breakfast on Pluto. TV:Whistleblowers, Damage, Lost in Paradise, Anytime Now. Commercials: Guinness, Noelette Buckley
Production Manager
Coca Cola, Heineken, Ford, Renault etc.
M 086 252 7438 E [email protected]
Feature films: Becoming Jane, Lassie, Isolation, Boy Eats Girl,
Kevan Barker
1st Assistant Director, Director, Line Producer
Disco Pigs, Boy From Mercury, Guiltrip. TV drama: George Gently, The Old Curiosity T 01 276 9417 M 086 814 9398 E [email protected]
Shop, Monarch of the Glen, Ballykissangel and On Home Ground.
As 1st AD: Tiger’s Tail, Fathers & Sons, The General, My Left Foot, A Room with a View.
Line producer to PM on: Tiger’s Tail, Evelyn, Tailor of Panama, The Treaty, The Country Stephen Butcher
Girls. Director: Mystic Knights of Tir na N’og.
T/F 028 2563 9479 M 077 9852 8797
E [email protected]
Carla Barrow
Costume Assistant
5th IFTA awards 2008 Ros na Rún nominated for Best Drama Series/Soap. Credits M 078 7059 2163 E [email protected]
include: Fair City, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Two Ceasefires and a Full time costume assistant for Hunger by Steve McQueen, Eldra (BAFTA for costume), Wedding other credits see advertisement.
Up ‘n’ Under, Tracey Beaker for CBBC, Bad Girls.
Aidan Byrne
Snr. Special Effects Technician
David Bates
T 0404 45419 M 086 827 9977 F 01 276 5045
T 028 9335 5571 M 077 7465 2470 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.teamfx.ie
Many years experience on commercials, dramas, pop promos, film, TV and corporates.
Tudors, Becoming Jane, Breakfast on Pluto, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Own lighting equipment and van available for hire.
Pat Begley
Prop Master
Allison Byrne
Costume Designer
T 023 8055 0086 M 079 7909 5844/086 870 6975
M 087 262 1029 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.patbegley.co.uk
Features include: Daisy Chain, Mystics, Song for a Raggy Boy, A Love Divided. Propmaster and dressing/standby props worldwide for 28 years on feature film/TV, TV includes: Rough Diamond, Legend, The Last Furlong, Relative Strangers.
drama/commercials including recent Doctor Who, Father Ted, Remains of the Day, In Deep, Fatherland, Immortal Beloved, Superman etc.etc.
Sean Cahill
01 456 2180 M 086 265 4739
Robert Bennett
Last years credits: Eden, Whistel Blower and shorts and commercials.
M 078 1697 2368 E [email protected]
Leave The Door Ajar - music video 1st AD, Bloody Sunday - feature trainee AD.
Graduate Aberystwyth University Film & TV Studies 2(1) BA Hons. Accepted at London Jason Carlin
Production Designer
Film School - two year masters degree in film making.
M 077 6825 4389 E [email protected] W www.kinego.com
The Roman Mysteries BBC, Johnny and the Bomb BBC/Childsplay nominated BAFTA,
Barry Bessant
International EMMY Best Childrens’ Drama. Featherboy BBC/Childsplay BAFTA Best M 087 950 2312
Childrens’ Drama, Stig of the Dump International EMMY Best Childrens’ Drama and Chief electrician Gaiety Theatre, Dublin. Technical manager - QEH Theatre, Bristol and Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, fibre optic special effects designer. Films - King Arthur.
Mick Cassidy
Sound Recordist
086 253 0498 E [email protected]
Mark Boland
What in the World?, KMF Productions/RTE, Haughey Mint Productions, Lethal Legacy T 01 269 7658 M 087 635 0953 E [email protected]
Abu Dhabi TV/History Channel, Poor Little Rich Girl Granada TV, The Culture Show BBC 100+ foreign shoots on all seven continents, Ireland to Antarctica incl. Helicopter, Jack Doyle Mint productions, Who Do You Think You Are.
underwater & extreme locations. Himalayas to the Papua New Guinea rain forests.
Hugh-Thomas Cavanagh
Andrew Cummins
Lighting Cameraperson
T 01 839 7391 M 086 814 4737 E [email protected]
M 086 812 3438
Electrician 1984, LCGI 1989 and Electrical Eng. Technician 1991, Genny driver - TV live E [email protected] W www.andrewcummins.com
broadcast units, World Car Rally (Sligo), QVC Live Shopping, The Panel, You’re a Star, Full Digi-Beta & lighting kit. Visit website for details.
Rugby, Pro-Boxing, Easter Saturday Vigil Mass (Mayo), Elections 2007 (RDS). 13 years’film lighting and practicals experience.
Daisy Cummins
2nd Assistant Director
087 250 4722 E [email protected]
Andrew Cole
Recent credits: Fit, Murphy’s Law, Flight of the Phoenix (2nd unit), The Honeymooners.
T 046 9240140 M 077 6882 0487 E [email protected]
Co-second AD: P.S., I Love you - Irish shoot, King Arthur, Behind Enemy Lines, Anna and Best boy: Gladiator - Eastern Promises - 28 Days Later - The Duchess.
Brendan Condren
Stunt Co-ordinator
Kevin Cunnane
Trainee Assistant Editor
T 0404 41791 M 087 232 3552
M 087 336 7317 E [email protected] W www.kevincunnane.com
E [email protected] W www.brendancondrenstunts.com Assistant/editor of features, shorts and television. Features: Flirting With Flamenco Stunt credits include over 100 productions including: King Arthur, The Boxer, (editor), Starfish (assistant). Shorts: Garden of Ireland, Tilly and the Teeth, Beauty Queen, Bloody Sunday, Intermission, High Binders, On The Edge and many more.
The Honorable Scaffolder (all as editor). Broadcast television (TV3, Setanta Sports, RTE).
Final Cut Pro, Avid and Lightworks.
Patrick Condren
Stunt Co-ordinator
087 617 6596/086 260 9087 E [email protected]
Matt Curry
Stunt co-ordination/2nd unit director. Highly experienced and qualified stunt co-ordinator T 028 9022 9046 M 077 1470 4339
and 2nd unit director. Credits include: Breakfast on Pluto, Intermission, The Boxer, E [email protected] W www.bluebirdni.com Ordinary Decent Criminals, Bloody Sunday, Everlasting Piece, The Escapistplus 200+ Documentary, corporate production and media projects for DVD, Tom Conroy
Production Designer
John T Davis
Lighting Cameraperson, Director
M 087 261 3204 E [email protected]
T 028 9042 3160 M 079 1322 0393 E [email protected]
Designed the US TV series: The Tudors, other credits include Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Director, cameraman, film maker, Shellshock Rock, 1979, Route 99, Power, Dust, Heart, Pluto, Marc Munden’s Shiny Shiny…, George Gently for Company Pictures/BBC, Damien Hobo, Altantic Records, The Uncle Jack, Traveller, A House Divided and Tailwind 2008.
Aisling Cooney
Trainee Wardrobe
Cian de Buitléar
Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraperson
M 086 880 2345 F 01 821 4616 E [email protected]
M 087 255 7444 F 091 595474
Commercials, celebrity styling, wardrobe assistant full time - Beauty and The Beast ‘07 - E [email protected] W www.teachsolais.com
‘08 (Feb). Full CV available on request.
With more than 20 years’ experience as DOP. Providing the Irish film industry with choiceas to where to light and power its productions.
Tiziana Corvisieri
Costume Designer
01 492 3076 M 086 837 2255 E [email protected]
Denise Deasy
Casting Director
Once - award winning feature Sundance Film Festival 2007. Batchelor’s Walk TV series, T/F 01 298 2961 M 086 257 1710 E [email protected]
Zonad 2008 feature and various other TV series, features and TV commercials. 10 year’s 10 years’ professional. Experience both internationally, and at home in Ireland.
Adrian Devane
Line Producer
Dougal Cousins
Location Manager
M 087 297 9131 F 01 276 9546
T 01 832 1197 M 086 256 2539
E [email protected] W www.2000adproductions.com
E [email protected] W www.imdb.com
Producer, line producer, executive producer on TV and film projects. Apocalypto, 32A, I have worked on features, television dramas, shorts and commercials over a twenty year Speed Dating, Short Order, King Arthur, Reign of Fire, Veronica Guerin, Headrush.
period. My credits are available on request.
Looking for comedy projects to develop.
Frank Cox
Barry Dignam
T 027 73227 M 077 1109 0200
M 087 232 8990 F 087 5232 8990
Extensive experience in feature films, television, drama and commercials.
E [email protected] W www.hitandrunfilms.com
Multi award winning producer, writer and director. Shorts include Palme d’Or nominated
Gordon Cross
short short Chicken, Dream Kitchen and Short Cut A Ferret Called Mickey. Features in T/F 028 9336 4313 M 077 5349 9081
development include a film adaptation of Gary Duggan’s hugely successful play Monged, E [email protected] W www.revolutionproductions.co.uk
Playing it Straight, a romantic comedy and The Joy, a drama.
XDCAMHD and PD170 and Multi jib. Over 10 years’ experience edit and V/O facilities.
Corporate and commercial clients include Coca Cola, Phoenix Natural Gas, BT and Dermot Diskin
M 087 245 7825 E [email protected]
Features: Kings, Shrooms, Man About Dog, The Mighty Celt, Dead Bodies, Boy Eats Girl,
Ray Cross
Sound Recordist/Mixer
On The Edge. TV dramas: Prosperity, Little White Lies, Showbands 2, No Tears.
T 01 288 8891 M 087 257 4748 E [email protected]
Experienced, equipped, full sound crew available, CV on request.
Maggie Donnelly
Costume Designer
Addo Gallagher
T/F 028 9064 7221 M 078 0170 8904 E [email protected]
M 086 8214229 E [email protected]
Feature films: Buy Borrow Steal (2007), Kings (2007), IFTA Nominee - WAZ (2007), TV: Recent credits: Alarm, Dorothy Mills, The Hanged Man, The State of Us, Strength and Messiah: The Rapture (2008 BBC1), Fairy Tales: Rapunzel (2008 BBC1). Full CV on Honor, Murphy’s Law. Safepass and height for hire cards held. Various commercials and Billy Doyle
Carlo Gebler
M 087 261 1674 E [email protected]
T 028 6632 4588 M 079 7468 4123
Olde Curiosity Shop to Old Curiosity Shop. Have passport, will travel.
Put to the Test, Baseball in Irish History, Plain Tales from the Lakes.
Caoimhe Doyle
Foley Artist
1st Assistant Director
T 01 286 5868 M 087 831 6786 E [email protected]
M 087 252 3846 F 01 658 1246 E [email protected]
Dorothy Mills, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Eastern Promises, Knocked Up, We Own the Director: Hide & Seek, The Clinic, Goldfish Memory, The Big Bow Wow, Gold in the Night, Brand Upon the Brain, Becoming Jane, Beerfest, A Prairie Home Companion, Streets. First A.D.: Safe, Frankie Starlight, An Everlasting Piece, Postcards from America, Curious George, Lassie, Asylum, Ella Enchanted, Mindhunters, Reign of Fire, The Good various. Fluent French, Spanish and Italian.
Debs Gordon
Boom Operator
Brian Drysdale
Lighting Cameraperson
T 01 832 4404 M 087 792 9347 E [email protected]
T/F 028 9065 3223 M 078 6047 7728 E [email protected]
10 years’ experience in the industry as part of the sound department. Traineeship, boom Creating images worldwide on HD, DigiBeta, DV, Super 16 and 35mm for indies, BBC, op and mixer. NFTS (UK) graduate. Ring or email for quotation.
ITV, Ch4, RTE and numerous commercials, plus steadicam. Writer/director shorts: Elsewhere and Deadlands. CV and showreel.
Martin Grace
Stunt Co-ordinator
01 276 0590 M 087 633 2009 E [email protected]
Robert Dwyer-Joyce
1st Assistant Director
Over 200 action projects including five James Bond. Some credits: Patriot Games, T 01 298 8541 M 086 256 7538 F 01 298 8544 E [email protected]
Anna and the King, Angela’s Ashes, Shallow Hal, A View to a Kill, High Spirits, Enemy Over 20 years’ experience of commercials. Drama TV, video, corporate, pop promos, Mine, Erik the Viking, Dancing at Lughnasa, Robin Hood, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Padraic Faherty
Heather Greenlees
Assistant Art Director
M 087 206 7933
M 079 6763 4730 E [email protected]
Films: Asylum, League of Gentlemen, Proof, Puffball. Best boy: Killinaskully 2005,06,07.
Hunger, feature film, assistant art director, 2007-08, City of Ember, feature film, set Genny Op.: Single Handed II, Desperado’s. Commercials: Barry’s Tea, Mastercard, designer, 2007, Closing the Ring, feature film, assistant art director 2006, 48 Angels, Permanent TSB, Heineken, Panadol, Ballintine’s Whiskey. TV work for RTE, BBC, feature film, art director 2005, Wilderness, feature film, art director 2005, Breakfast on Lighting Cameraperson
Dean Hagan
M 087 242 7234 E [email protected]
T/F 028 9084 4448 M 079 8111 5091
Established cameraman with experience in drama, commercials and television.
E [email protected] W www.atmosproductions.co.uk
Production, direction, writing, editing, camera, sound and CGI experience in documentary,
Donata Ferrario
Assistant Cameraperson
shorts, music videos and features. Also a composer for series on BBC1, NI and TG4.
M 087 284 5402 E [email protected]
Extensive work experience as camera assistant in 16mm, 35mm, HD and other video
Sean Hardie
T 059 977 3194 E [email protected]
Producer/director/writer BBC Panorama, Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image,
Denis Fitzpatrick
Trainee Assistant Director
Bremner Bird and Fortune. Awards include BAFTA, US Emmy, Montreux, UK Writers M 087 682 7559 E [email protected]
Trainee AD on various shoots inc. Breakfast on Pluto, The Wind that Shakes the Barleyand The Tudors. Third AD On Alarm. Full CV available on request.
Neasa Hardiman
087 265 2068 E [email protected] W www.neasahardiman.com
Roger Fitzpatrick
Lighting Cameraperson
An award winning director and writer who has worked in broadcast TV for 15 years.
T 028 9024 0977 M 077 7425 2492 F 028 9022 2309
Neasa has directed, produced and written numerous documentaries, films, TV dramas, E [email protected] W www.acorntv.com
live studio programmes and multicamera dramas.
A highly achieved lighting cameraman with over 20 years’ experience. His client baseincludes: Channel 4, BBC, CNN, MTV and many other national and international Margo Harkin
T 028 7137 0303 M 077 6425 9182 F 028 7137 0728
E [email protected] W www.besomproductions.co.uk
Roisin Flaherty
Lighting Technician
Recent credits include Producer Wave Riders, producer/director on Bloody Sunday - M 086 398 3823 E [email protected]
A Derry Diary, RTE and ARTE channel, The Hunger Strike BBCNI.
Concorde Afric, Tyrone Ros na Rún, TG4 Afric, An Chuasnos Ros na Rún. Also completedstudio lighting course with BBC training and development UK.
Emmet Harte
Lighting Cameraperson
086 262 0217 E [email protected]
Michael Frawley
DigiBeta 790wsp owner/operator with over 10 years’ experience in documentary and M 086 253 4732 E [email protected]
lifestyle at home and abroad. Credit listings available on request.
Film, TV, commercials, generator operations and outside broadcast.
Damien Heffernan
Russell C Fulton
Construction Manager
T 045 434039 M 086 226 3277 F 045 435922
T/F 028 9079 4569 M 078 8573 7095 E [email protected]
E [email protected]
Northern Ireland’s most experienced and only construction manager. Ex-BBC drama and Honeymooners, chief practical electrician, practical chargehand, King Arthur, Veronica design departments scenic services organiser. Vast design workshop experience. If you Guerin, Reign of Fire. Electrician on Nora, Angela’s Ashes, Magnificent Ambersons, Grant Hicks
Production Designer
Peter Jones
Vision Supervisor
T/F 020 8891 2228 M 078 3164 2785 E [email protected]
T 028 9751 1904 M 077 7557 7074 E [email protected]
Over 25 years’ experience in theatre film and television.
Over 40 years’ broadcast engineering experience in London, Middle East and NorthernIreland. Available for vision control, system design and build and project management.
Ronan Hill
Sound Recordist/Mixer
078 8562 5300 E [email protected] W www.ronanhillsound.com
Fiachra Judge
Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraperson
Winner Best Sound Irish Film and Television Awards 2008. Over 20 years’ experience T 041 685 4848 M 086 173 8474 E [email protected]
recording sound for film and television. He has worked as a sound recordist mixer on Features, commercials, drama, music/promos, documentaries.
numerous feature films, television dramas on a variety of network documentaries.
Full CV on website.
Miriam C Kelly
Key Assistant Accountant
01 496 2156 M 086 814 0484 E [email protected]
Martin Holland
Experience in: Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Malta, Rome, Budapest, Yemen, UK, M 086 254 0819 E [email protected]
Luxemburg. At: cash flow, banking, accounts, crew and cast payrolls etc. On: EP Gaffer - Circle of Friends, Widow’s Peak, Irish RM, Animal Farm (rigging & 2nd unit) etc.
Budgeting, Vista, Vismax, Micropay, Quickpay, Excel, Word etc.
Best boy - All About Adam, Mad About Mambo. Gen. op. - Air America, 1984, Hidalgo,Reign of Fire.
Mark Kennedy
Sound Engineer
01 295 0779 M 086 248 0694 E [email protected]
Kieran Horgan
Sound Mixer
Live sound engineer 30 years’ experience. Acts include Faithless, The Corrs, T 01 289 5812 M 087 250 6621 E [email protected]
Van Morrison, Paul Brady. Location recording with Sensible Music Ireland.
PS I Love You, The Honeymooners, Inside I’m Dancing, Laws of Attraction, EllaEnchanted, Veronica Guerin, Reign of Fire, Dancing at Lughnasa, The Boxer, The Field, Declan King
Michael Collins, In the Name of the Father.
M 087 260 3446 E [email protected]
15 years’ experience as camera assistant on feature film, TV, drama, commercials &
Roger Hudson
documentaries on 35mm, 16mm, Hi-Def, Digi-Beta etc.
T 041 984 7451 M 085 735 2377 F 01 670 9764
E [email protected]
Vincent Kinnaird
Writer/director/producer on documentaries. TV, current affairs, corporates for major T/F 028 9062 4769 M 077 7880 8445
clients. Writer/director Wordweaver, Legend of Benedict Kiely, Market and The South E [email protected] W www.notasuch.com
Salient credits: Movie Mavericks (BBC), Legend’s End (More 4), The Linnet (RTE andCannes festival du film). Being Ballycastle (multi-platform online distribution), Gay Police Simon Hudson
Lighting Cameraperson
(Four docs multi-platform), Just For Laughs (BBC).
T 01 677 6681 M 086 109 6624 E [email protected]
Experienced cinematographer of drama, documentary, music and commercials. Hundreds
Stuart Lambe
Steadicam Owner/Operator
of productions on 35mm, S16, S8, HD, Digi-Beta, SX, SP, DV-Cam/Pro/Mini DV.
T 028 9084 0007 F 028 9084 3339
Underwater, overwater, in the sun, in the rain.
E [email protected] W www.jaffaproductions.co.uk
Catering for all types of production, including entertainment, documentaries and current
Focus Puller
affairs. Contact me for list of credits and further information.
M 079 4195 4968 E [email protected]
Rufus Wainwright Rules and Regulations, Charlotte Hatherley Siberia, Paddy Casey
Costume Supervisor
Addicted to Company, Honda Isle of Man TT, Royal Navy etc.
M 086 158 7812 F 01 210 8503 E [email protected]
A Film with Me In It, The Escapist - 2008, The Clinic - 2007, The Tiger’s Tail,
Mark Jervis
Lighting Cameraperson
T 028 9041 9660 M 077 2088 2668
E [email protected] W www.markjervis.co.uk
Nic Leitch
Sound Recordist/Mixer
Wide range of experience in a variety of formats. Working on docs, corporate videos, T 028 9076 8238 M 078 5054 1244 E [email protected]
news and current affairs. Own kit. Shoot and edit.
Over 20 years as sound recordist for BBC and ITV.
Gerry Johnston
Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Supervisor
Donna Lennon
T 01 276 0590 M 086 258 3019 F 01 286 5923
T 028 9068 2211 M 077 5205 2282
E [email protected] W www.sfx-ireland.com
E [email protected]
Credits: Strength and Honour, Johnny Was,Keystone Killers, Zardoz, Educating Rita, Recent credits include: Get Well Northern Ireland BBCNI, Just For Laughs BBC network, Excalibur, Braveheart, Michael Collins, Space Truckers, The Butcher Boy, Saving Private Anderson in BBCNI, Colin & Graham’s Excellent Adventures RTE.
Ryan, Rebel Heart, The Abduction Club, Ransom, Reign of Fire, Laws of Attraction, Kathy Littler
Man About Dog, The Blackwater Lightship.
T/F 028 9266 5897 M 078 0122 5218 E [email protected]
Richard Jolly
Producer - The Afternoon Show (RTE), Just For Laughs (BBC), T 028 2568 4238 M 078 9989 4454 E [email protected]
Would You Pass The 11+?, BBC Journeys, UTV. Experienced in live TV, factual Need a Bag 2007, NIFTC funded environmental series. LivCom 2007, International Environmental Competition. Webcast on four simultaneous channels.
Paul Littler
Lighting Cameraperson
Ben Jones
Director, Cameraperson, Editor
T 028 9266 2970 M 078 8551 5611 F 028 9266 5897
T 028 9045 9673 M 078 6626 9437
E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.hooptedoodlefilms.com
Busy year! Numerous docs for BBCNI. Emu studio series for ITV, three part documentary Documentary, short films, corporate, e-learning productions, freelance camera and series for BBCNI Ships That Changed the World. Loads more! Studio shows, OB’s, editing. Bloomers Bogs, Recycling Radio 5 min docs for 4 Talent NI site. Digital futures Simon Magee
Mark McCauley
Lighting Cameraperson
M 087 927 2931 E [email protected]
M 078 6061 4686 E [email protected]
King Arthur, Breakfast on Pluto, Becoming Jane, Isolation, Tudors I and II.
W www.markmccauley.tv
Won BAFTA for documentary in Afganistan. Lighting cameraman for BBC, now freelance.
Niall Mahoney
Production Manager, Producer/Director, Location Manager
Works on location for all BBC and independents. Everything from Panorama to Blue Peter, T/F 023 53974 M 087 681 4256
arts, documentary and natural history unit.
E [email protected] W www.musketeerproductions.com
Experienced producer/director. Many RTE credits and own production company. Anne McCaw
Vision Mixer
Also offering comprehensive production services in the South covering locations T 028 9048 2571 M 079 0060 8789 E [email protected]
management, extras and fixing for Irish and foreign companies.
Credits include: Give My Head Peace, Blame Game, Sing Carols (BBC), McCrea video,Cush video, news and current affairs and sport.
Niall Mannion
01 272 0388 M 087 251 6693 E [email protected]
Dara McClatchie
Film/Television sparks - Recent Credits - Legend, The Clinic, Warriors, T 01 275 1437 M 087 255 9434 F 087 5255 9434
E [email protected]
Full service producing commercials and pop promos for Ireland and international markets.
Joe Marcus
Credits include: Calvin Klein (worldwide Eternity TV), Guinness, AIB, The Corrs.
T 028 9020 1909 M 077 8619 8892
E [email protected] W www.joemarcusediting.co.uk
Bernard McCloskey
25 years’ experience including work with Oscar winning and nominated directors.
T 028 9065 6218 M 079 3639 2590 E [email protected]
Features, documentaries, dramas, live concerts and promos including The Beach Boys, TV commercials, corporate and training videos/DVDs. Specialising in education sector The Cranberries. Full digital post facility in Holywood.
content production. Previous clients: BBCNI, BT, Belfast City Council, Kerry CountyCouncil, Dublin City University, Health & Safety Executive and DARD.
Shimmy Marcus
087 270 4132 E [email protected]
Ronan McCloskey
Multi award winning writer/producer/director. Features - Headrush, Souled Out.
T 028 9064 0451 M 077 5260 0948 E [email protected]
Documentary - Aidan Walsh, Imagining Ulysses. Corporate - Guinness, Doubleclick. TV - Currently producing a 60 minute documentary for the BBC called Get Well Northern Katherine Lynch. Commercials - HB. Music promos - FLC, Snow Patrol, Gavin Friday.
Ireland. 10 years’ experience working on every sort of programme. Can self-shoot.
Have working visa on US. CV on request.
Des Martin
Production Manager, Line Producer
086 257 9325 F 01 210 3954 E [email protected]
John McCullagh
Director of Photography, Lighting Director
Single Handed, Kings, True North, Tara Road, The Blackwater Lightship, Intermission, T 0404 40371 M 086 387 4057 E [email protected]
The Most Fertile Man in Ireland, Nora, Angela’s Ashes, Dancing at Lughnasa, Butcher Boy, 20 years’ experience with film, digital and Hi-Def, in music, entertainment and DVD Ambassador, Michael Collins and numerous commercials and TV drama.
production. Clients include BBC, ITV, MTV, RTE, HBO.
Ian Martin
Sound Engineer
Giancarlo McDonnell
T 028 9064 4073 M 078 7196 6833
T 028 9332 2328 M 077 6879 8728 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.soundslikeian.com
17 years in film and TV industry. Worked features including Man About Dog, Mighty Celt, A BBC trained, experienced and professional sound engineer with a reputation for Gladiator, Buy Borrow Steal. TV series: Bels Boys, Pullin’ Moves, Desperados.
delivering excellence. Ian has an impressive and diverse list of credits and uses his ownhi-tech equipment.
Ian McGarry
01 285 9139 M 087 799 1654 E [email protected]
Adrian McCarthy
Producer/director - two Eurovision Song Contests, Daniel O’Donnell - four PBS specials, T 01 672 5553 M 087 252 3482 F 01 672 5573
Fair City - RTE drama. Various sports, entertainment and music programmes for RTE.
E [email protected] W www.wildfirefilms.net
As a documentary director and producer I have made numerous human interest
Michael McGeagh
documentaries over the last nine years.
T 028 9067 3644 M 077 1057 2361 E [email protected]
Producer, line producer and production manager on commercials, programmes and films.
Kevin McCarthy
Sound Recordist
Scheduling and budgeting services also available. Credits include: Mickybo and Me, T 028 9066 5789 M 077 7156 3465
Closing the Ring and Future Weapons series 2 and 3.
E [email protected]
As a sound recordist. I have worked on programmes for BBC’s 1,2,3 and 4 Channel 4,
Jim McGirr
Sound Recordist/Mixer
The History Channel, TG4 corporate and commercial video.
T 028 9268 8394 M 077 2102 5755
Sound recordist/mixer. Experienced in drama/documentary/news for broadcast, film,
Stephen McCarthy
video and satellite; with BBC, UTV, RTE. Own recording equipment.
M 086 260 5692 E [email protected]
Many years experience as commercial, TV and film gaffer/electrician.
Declan McGrath
Film Editor
M 087 648 2318 E [email protected]
Recent credits: Fairytale of Katmandu, Killinaskully, Bachelors Walk, Primetime
John McCartney
Props Dresser
Investigates, Proof. Own AVID and Final Cut Pro systems.
T 028 9079 3666 M 077 3454 1988 E [email protected]
Worked City of Ember Belfast as props person dressing. Also worked dressing props on
James McGuire
Micky Bo. Being prop dresser for 20 years. Also HGV rigger driver working on outside T/F 01 283 6723 M 087 253 9127 E [email protected]
No Laughing Matter (2008) (TV), Rock Rivals (2008) (TV), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Breakfast on Pluto (2005), King Arthur (2004).
John McKenna
Lorna Marie Mugan
Costume Designer
T/F 01 493 0721 M 087 258 4474 E [email protected]
M 087 260 7084 E [email protected] W www.dencharnold.com
20 years’ experience. Credits include: The Wind That Shakes the Barley, The Tudors, My Boy Jack, The Old Curiosity Shop, Intermission, Five Days, Inside I’m Dancing, Michael McNally
Lighting Cameraperson
Johnny Muir
M 087 256 0743
M 077 8070 0174 E [email protected]
Many years experience in production/camerawork (multi & single), documentaries, music, Producer and director working in factual programmes and documentaries for broadcast in Northern Ireland and UK network. Recent credits include: The Story of Field Day andThe Money Programme.
Brian McVeigh
074 932 1611 M 086 603 5357
Brendan Muldowney
E [email protected] W www.mcveighbroadcast-digital.com T 01 460 4760 M 086 805 1888 F 01 460 4770
Over 20 years’ experience worldwide.
E [email protected] W www.spfilms.ie
Director and writer. For details see website.
Maurice Mehaffey
Vision Supervisor
028 9146 0708 M 077 8871 6423 F 028 9146 0708
Darrell Murphy
Trainee Grip
E [email protected]
M 087 120 0347 E [email protected]
39 years’ BBC experience in London and Belfast in vision control and multi camera Trainee Grip over five years film/TV/commercial experience (dolly, crane, rig). Films lighting. Resource co-ordinator and lighting director, television, studios and OB’s.
include: Laws of Attraction, Blackwater Lightship, Inside I’m Dancing, The Honeymooners, Technical director - Just for Laughs.
Lassie, The Tigers Tail. TV: The Tudors, Short: Janey. Many commercials.
Frank Moiselle
Casting Director
Imogen Murphy
T 01 280 2857 F 01 280 3277
M 086 231 8678 E [email protected] W www.imogenmurphy.com
The Tudors, How About You, Showbands I and II, The Clinic 3 and 5, Tara Road, IFTA nominated drama and documentary director. Drama: Martin, 10 Minute Movie, Short.
King Arthur, Veronica Guerin, In America, Goldfish Memory, Benedict Arnold, No Tears, Documentary: Family Silver, Raging Bulls, No Experience Required, Who Do You Think H3, Chaos, Nora, Ballykissangel, Relative Strangers, One Mans Hero, D.D.U., Durango, You Are. Broadcasts include RTE, TG4, BBC, Showtime, MTV.
The Ambassador, Making the Cut, The Governor, My Left Foot (asst.), The Dead (asst.)etc.
Liam Murphy
Lighting Electrician
01 286 4846 M 087 227 1627 E [email protected]
Nuala Moiselle
Casting Director
Worked for the BBC at Ealing Studios for 14 years, on drama and docs - Silent Witness, T 01 280 2857 F 01 280 3277
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Only Fools and Horses, One Foot in the Grave etc.
Credits include: The Tudors, How About You, Tara Road, King Arthur, Veronica Guerin, In America, Benedict Arnold, No Tears, Ballykissangel, Nora, Making the Cut, Sweeney Helen Murray
Line Producer
Todd, A Love Divided, The Boxer, In The Name of the Father, The Field, My Left Foot, M 077 1101 0916 E [email protected]
December Bride, Da, The Dead, The Treaty, Frankie Starlight, The Hanging Gale, Line producer - Puffball. Head of production Green Inc. Line producer: Mystics, Maggie Mooney
Production Manager
Louise Myler
Chief Make-up Artist
M 087 259 3707 E [email protected]
M 086 246 4614 E [email protected]
Production manager - Baker Street Irregulars (Sherlock Holmes), Kitchen, Stardust, Recent work details mag cover Johanathan Rhyse-Meyers photographer Steven Klein.
Malice Aforethought, The Return, All About Adam, I Went Down, Bobby’s Girl, Feature 32A - director Marion Quinn, Alarm - director Gerry Stembridge. Many Yesterday’ s Children. Her Own Rules. and many more.
Mervyn Moore
Sound Recordist/Mixer
Giedrius Nagys
Stunt Co-ordinator
T/F 028 9336 8476 M 077 6857 3467
M 087 988 3932 E [email protected] W www.imdb.com
E [email protected]
Stunt co-ordinator, stunt rigger, international.
Man on the Run, Becoming Jane, Blood and Chocolate, Lassie, Isolation, League of Matt Naughton
Lighting Cameraperson
Gentlemen, Apocalypse, Freezeframe, Disco Pigs, Divorcing Jack, Messiah 4 and 5, M 086 836 9141 E [email protected]
Fairytales, Talk to Me, Skins, Ballykissangel and many more.
Over 10 years’ experience shooting documentaries for RTE, TG4, BBC, Sky, John Morrissey
Lighting Cameraperson
T 028 9066 6664 M 077 7173 2814
Richard F Nevin
E [email protected] W www.fusionbroadcast.co.uk
T 041 983 3714 M 087 968 4484 E [email protected]
Experienced former BBC lighting cameraman with Digibeta, Betacam SX, DVCam.
Wide experience as gaffer, best boy, electrician. Film, TV, OB’s, studio.
Various local and network documentaries local commercials and corporate films.
Recent films: Shrooms, Puffball, Tudors II.
Suzanne Nicell
2nd Assistant Director
Poll Moussoulides
Dialogue Coach
M 086 251 7015 E [email protected]
T 01 496 5963 M 086 260 0035 E [email protected] W www.voicecoach.ie
Breakfast on Pluto, Tristan and Isolde, Laws of Attraction, Intermission, Born and resident in Dublin. 18 years’ experience as voice/dialogue coach on over 43 features and TV films/series and in all major Irish theatres. Head of Voice - Geity School of Acting 1987-96. Lecturer in Voice - Trinity College Dublin 1991-95.
Colm Nolan
Location Manager
Eugene O’Sullivan
T 0404 48899 M 087 683 6688 E [email protected]
T/F 01 834 8955 M 086 258 2293
Location manager all Ireland. Over 12 years in the business. Feature film, TV, ads, Generator Operator on Tiger’s Tail, Strength and Honour, Dead Bodies, Song for a Raggy photo shoots, scouting Europe, extensive library, event organisation. Niall O’Sullivan
Sound Recordist/Mixer
Deirdre Noonan
Lighting Cameraperson
T 01 490 5567 M 087 241 2160 E [email protected]
M 086 260 7822 E [email protected] W www.widervision.ie
Sound recordist with comprehensive eng doco kit including 744tHd, audio ltd, Owner operator digi beta/DV Cam also Sony HD750. No mini DV. Recent credits: RTE - Yazoo, Podge and Rodge, Fair City, Scannalt, Primetime,Greenhouse, Baby on Board, Corrigan Knows Food. Nationwide ITV: Tough Gig, Chris Patterson
Location Manager
T 028 9046 6300 F 028 9046 6331
E [email protected] W www.shootcommunications.com
Dáithí ó Mainin
With eight years’ location management experience in the production arena Chris has M 087 675 2716
worked throughout the UK and Ireland on projects such as Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Head of lighting in Ros na Rún for four years.
Ruairi O’Brien
Director of Photography
Sacha Patterson
Location Manager
M 086 231 1448 E [email protected] W www.ruairiobrien.com
T 028 9046 6300 F 028 9046 6331
Features, TV drama, commercials, documentaries, promos etc. Showreel on request or E [email protected] W www.shootcommunications.com
visit website. Worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, USA etc. American work visa. Vaccines up With seven years’ experience in the production arena, three of which in locations Sacha has worked on projects such as Vets, City of Ember and WAZ.
Georgina O’Connor
Production Co-ordinator
Laerke Pedersen
Script Supervisor
M 087 277 7760 E [email protected]
T 01 280 6524 M 087 247 4421 E [email protected]
Over 10 year’s experience co-ordinating film and TV productions, commercials, The Clinic series I,II,III,IV and V, Pure Mule, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, Goldfish conferences and music videos. Research, location scouting, presentations and Memory, The Tailor of Panama etc. Various short films, hundreds of commercials.
marketing packs. Health and safety certified, fluent Spanish speaker.
Dave Perry
Lighting Cameraperson
Donal O’Farrell
Stunt Co-ordinator
M 086 172 6277 E [email protected] W www.perryair.tv
T/F 01 668 7045 M 087 257 7442 E [email protected]
RTS Cameraman of the Year four times. BBC for 16 years in UK. Based in Dublin.
With over 25 years in the film/TV industry along with fight director for theatre credits Specialising in documentary work. Kit includes Digibeta, HDV, Boomcam, MiniHelicam.
include: Daisy Chain, Rock Rivals, Zonad, Buy Borrow Steal, Becoming Jane, PS I Love Ian Power
Anna Maria O’Flanaghan
T 01 678 7577 M 087 221 7339 F 01 678 7579
M 086 279 3408 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.ianpower.com
Credits this year include: Frankie winner of European Pris - Berlin 2008, Best Irish Short Winner Best Irish Short at Galway, Cork and Foyle Film Festivals. Turner Classic Short Film - Cork 2007 and Best Director - Kerry 2007. Documentaries include One Hundred to Nominee. ICAD award for direction. Shots Newcomers section. Best Short Celtic Film One - RTE Arts Lives, Happiness - Wildfire Films. CV upon request.
and TV Festival. Writer on The Clinic.
Alison O’Leary
Clare Ramsey
Make-up Artist, Prosthetic Make-up Artist
M 086 233 8701 E [email protected]
M 077 9284 0150 E [email protected]
2006 - 2008 The Tudors season I and II. Irish Canadian co-production produced by Work in straight hair and make-up and also manufacture and apply prosthetic make-ups.
World 2000 for Showtime network USA.
Films include Quantum of Solace, Prince Caspian, Harry Potter 5, WAZ and City of Ember.
Micky O’Neill
Nuria Roldos
Lighting Cameraperson
T 028 9023 6111 M 078 6062 0743 F 028 9023 6068
M 086 105 7749 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.spotontv.net
Lots of years behind camera, mostly shooting drama, documentary and commercials, Producer and director with 21 years’ experience in commercials, shorts and docs and last jobs El Gusto film-documentary about Algerian music, Peacefire feature film shot in the like. Also offering line production, production management and co-ordination to visiting production companies and advertising agencies.
Mark Ronaghan
Barry O’Sullivan
Boom Operator, Sound Mixer
E [email protected] W www.shooteditor.com
T 01 286 4239 M 086 258 6987 or 078 6630 3660
Cameraman, editor. News, sport, current affairs and documentaries. E [email protected]
Internationally experienced, credits include: George Gently (sound mixer), Speed Racer,The Dark Knight (part), Blood Diamond, The Da Vinci Code. Sound Mixing for film, TV, Julie-ann Ryan
Trainee Make-up Artist
T 01 862 4774 M 087 243 7335 E [email protected] in arts in make-up for film, TV and theatre (2005). Specialise in period make-up,facial hair, forensic make-up, special FX and basic prosthetics. Credits: The Tudors,Stardust, Fallout, Northanger Abbey, Warriors.
Antony Sellers
Michelle Walsh
Production Manager
T/F 01 280 1309 M 087 257 0794 E [email protected] W www.sdgi.ie
M 077 1517 2538 E [email protected]
Award winning and nominated writer and director for film and television. Originally trained Currently production manager on Coronation Street for Granada TV and over 10 years’ at Granada TV. Member, SDGI. As writer/director currently developing feature film Food experience across a variety of genres - film, TV drama, commercials, documentaries and light entertainment, for both independent and broadcasting bodies.CV availableupon request.
Eoin Smith
Accounts Assistant
M 086 850 6133 E [email protected]
Mick Walsh
Production Manager
Tudors II - 2007, PS I Love You - 2006, Northanger Abbey - 2006, True North - 2006, M 087 254 9376 E [email protected]
Rock Rivals drama series for ITV (2007). Single Handed drama for RTE (2006), Cre naCille feature (2006), Legend series for RTE (2005/06), The Clinic 3 drama series for RTE David Starkey
(2005), The Clinic II (2004), The Clinic I (2003).
T 028 9046 6897 M 078 1332 3615 E [email protected]
Versatile director with 15 years’ experience. Credits include BBC, Discovery US, Channel
Kathleen Weir
Script Supervisor
4 and National Geographic. Self-shooting, script-writing and editing skills. Recent work T 01 201 2030 M 086 239 1352 E [email protected]
includes: Ships That Changed the World (BBCNI), Future Weapons (Discovery), Mission Credits include: Tudors 2007, Alarm, The Front Line 2005, Tara Road 2004, Inside I’m Dancing 2003, The Medallion - Jackie Chan film 2002.
Paddy Stevenson
Lighting Cameraperson
Richard Weller
T 028 7130 8174 M 077 1094 0968 F 028 7130 8174
T 028 9261 1679 M 078 0892 4739 E [email protected]
E [email protected] W www.paddystevenson.com
Experienced producer/director. With Irish and UK network credits. Recent Credits include: DoP features and docs. Digi Beta 790WSP. Lots of experience in lots of areas, drama, How Long Will You Live - RTE, Last Man in Hammersmith Palace BBC4, Tabloid Tales documentary and promos. CV available.
Cathy Surgeoner
Assistant Standby Props
Michael Whelan
T 028 9332 2743 M 077 7287 7430 E [email protected]
M 087 781 2682
Last Man Hanging 2007 drama standby props, standby art director. BBC City of Ember TV cameraman and jimmy jib owner operator. Recent credits: Rock Rivals, 2007 feature assistant standby props pipework production. Dry Your Eyes 2006/05 I Want a Garden, Enrique Inglesias (DVD), Tommy Tiernan (DVD), Late Late Show, Deke Thompson
Sound Recordist/Mixer
Rob Wilkinson
2nd Assistant Director, Assistant Location Manager
T 028 9146 2204 M 078 6072 4135 E [email protected] W www.deke.info
T/F 01 230 4569 M 086 244 0808 E [email protected]
This Year two series - Ships for About Face Media and Thinking Big for Below the Radar.
Over 10 years’ experience in features, commercials, TV drama, comedy etc.
Full stereo sound kit for film and television.
Wai-Lun Tsang
Camera Operator
Sam Wilson
Lighting Cameraperson
M 077 6827 1244 E [email protected] W www.shootcut.tv
T 028 9337 8878 M 077 2162 6784 E [email protected]
Camera operator/editor, Avid and Final Cut: Sesame Tree, MPH (series 2), Ex BBC lighting cameraman with extensive experience in single and multi-camera The Tractor Tour Show, Soviet na Heirean, Toriaocht Taisce, Molly Maguires…profile, operations. Including outside broadcast and studio.
Eleanor Wood
Art Director
Finn Van Gelderen
Camera Operator
M 087 286 7459 E [email protected]
T/F 01 295 4185 M 087 281 3764
Production designer for film and television for 15 years. 2005 IFTA winner for Short Order.
E [email protected] W www.finnvangelderen.com
Credits include: Short Order, Strength & Honour, Botched, Sun, Moon and Stars, Big Bow Extensive experience in film and video (all formats). Full CV available on request.
Simon Wood
Karl Walker
Sound Supervisor
T 028 9028 5678 M 077 3274 2955 F 028 9032 6608
T 028 9447 2176 M 077 9688 2222 E [email protected]
E [email protected]
Very experienced multi camera television and radio sound supervisor. Recent highlights Experienced producer/director of docs. for TV, voluntary and community sectors.
include six nations rugby, EMU for CITV, Sesame Tree for BBC, Oxygen and Electric Recently co-produced Mickey B a feature made in Maghaberry Prison.
Ian F T Young
Lighting Cameraperson
Leslie Wallace
Production Designer
T/F 01 298 8818 M 086 239 3003 E [email protected]
T 028 9182 0089 M 078 8522 9823 F 028 9182 0080
Wide range of experience in both film and video. Specialist aerial and underwater E [email protected] W www.lesliewallacedesign.com
cameraman. Filmed in over 40 countries. Full HD kit with extras. CV and showreel With over 20 years’ experience ex BBC designer. Production designer on BBC drama series, TV entertainment, awards, concerts, commercials, film, drama. Long CV availableon request.
Breda Walsh
Production Manager
087 262 2584 E [email protected]
Line producer: Whistle Blower (Working Title), Rough Diamond, Pure Mule, The Big Bow
Wow, production manager: Breakfast on Pluto, On the Edge, Relative Strangers, producer
- Goldfish Memory.

Source: http://www.filmscan.ie/directory/pdf/Whos%20Who%20Directory.pdf


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