Departmental reports

Department of Conservative Dentistry and
Dr. Nupur Kharangate - Comparing microbiologi- Endodontics
cal effectiveness of carbide burs and smart Prep burs: An in-vitro study.
Dr. Nilesh Kadam - Infected odontogenic kerato- cyst mimicking radicular cyst: A case report.
Dr. Gaurangi Kakodkar - Surgical healing of cystic lesion with platelet rich plasma and hydroxypatite.
Dr. Mayuri Naik - Smart materials. A step into the Dr. Siddharth Das - new filling systems in The department has on an average 800 patients visiting it every month. Patients are provided with wide range of services, namely metallic and tooth Jeanne Monteiro, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Paul colored restorations, endodontic treatment, Chalakkal, Pawan Kumar Chandra. In vitro endodontic surgeries, and aesthetic work like resistance to fracture of roots obturated with veneers, crowns, whitening of teeth etc.
resilon or gutta-percha, Journal of Endodontics; 2011; 37, (6): 828-831.
The post graduate students from the department Rajdeep Pavaskar, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, presented Papers and posters at the 12th National Paul Chalakkal, Maria Pinto, Kristlee Fernandes, FODI & IES Post Graduate Students Convention, Ramchandra Keny, Anagha Kamath. An in vitro study comparing the intracanal effectiveness of Dr. Gaurangi Kakodkar - Effect of bleaching gel medicaments against Enterococcus faecalis. enriched with novamin on tubule occlusion and Journal of Endodontics 2012; 38(1) 95-100.
Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Marina Fernandes, Dr. Tarun Kumar Singh - Revascularization of Abhilasha Naik. C-shaped canal in mandibular immature permanent central incisor with chronic molar: A case report. The Goan Dentist 2011; Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Marina Fernandes, Gaurangi Kakodkar. Treatment of calcified Dr. Nupur Kharangate - Zeolites in Dentistry canals: A case report. The Goan Dentist 2011; Dr. Nilesh Kadam - Digital impression systems Abhilasha Naik, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Marina The Consultants and post graduate students also Fernandes, Rajan Lambor, Management of Radix attended the 26th FODI and 19th IES National Entomolaris - A report of 2 cases Journal of Indian Conference, New Delhi held from 11th to 13th November 2011. The following papers and posters Tarun Kumar Singh, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Marina Fernandes, Rajan Lambor. Light curing devices A clinical review. Journal of Orofacial Oral Prophylaxis, GIC and Amalgam restorations and Ida de Ataide, Tarun Kumar Singh, Marina Fernandes, Management of amalgam associated 41 schools camps were conducted in 2011 and 7,140 lichenoid reaction. A case report. International children were benefitted through them. A total of 310 Journal Dental Case Reports 2011; 1(2) 7-14 patients were counseled to quit tobacco in our Paul Chalakkal, Abi Mathew Thomas, Francis Akkara, Ida de Noronha de Ataide. Vertex occlusal radiography in localizing unerupted The department provides services like Oral Prophylaxis, GIC and Amalgam Restorations, Root Abhilasha Naik, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Marina Canal Treatment to the patients. Recently the Department has started rendering comprehensive mandibular premolar region- a case report. treatments to patients suffering from Cancer and HIV.
International Journal of Dental Case Reports 2011; 1(2) 40-45 10. Paul Chalakkal, Abi Mathew Thomas, Francis Akkara, Kristlee Fernandes. Delayed replantation after Endodontic and Fluoride Department of Oral & Maxillofacial
treatment. A 5 year follow up. International Pathology
Journal of clinical Pediatric Dentistry 2011; 4(3) 228-231.
Staff:Dr. Anita Spadigam, Professor & Head Departments of Public Health Dentistry
Dr. Anita Dhupar, Assistant ProfessorDr. Shaheen Syed, Lecturer Smt. Vaishali Tandel, Laboratory Technician The academic year 2011-12 saw the installation and commissioning of major equipment in the department The department of Public Health Dentistry conducts of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology.
screening and treatment camps in remote areas and provides primary and secondary comprehensive Beginning with an automated tissue processor, rotary treatment to patients in the department.
microtome, automated haemanalyser, automated biochemistry analyser, cryostat, automated slide Mobile Dental Van was inaugurated in August 2011 autostainer, Antigen Retrieval systems: PT Link and and since then; the department is providing its Pascal Pressure Chamber and Hybridizer for services to far flung areas of the state. There have immunohistochemical procedures were imported from been a number of camps conducted with Mobile Dental Van in areas like Valpoi, Candolim, Bicholim, Assagao, Mangor hills - Vasco, Betalbathim, T h e s e i n s t r u m e n t s g r e a t l y a u g m e n t t h e Cancona, Ussgao and Colvale. 1,082 patients were histopathological and clinical pathology services for examined and treatment was rendered to 145 patients referred patients and for research applications.
which included Emergency Root Canal Openings, A total of 256 biopsies and 714 routine blood The department has an average of 500 patients investigations were carried out during the year.
visiting every month and provides a wide range of treatment modalities to them, which includes complete The department also successfully underwent the first dentures, acrylic and cast partial dentures, inspection of the Dental Council of India for two post- overdentures, immediate dentures, crowns fixed graduate admissions in Oral Pathology & Microbiology partial dentures, laminate veneers, full mouth rehabi- litation and implant supported prostheses.
Dr. Anita Spadigam delivered a lecture on 'The Bone The staff and students continuously update their Identity : Pitfalls and Potential' at the Dr. M. V. Lele knowledge by regular seminar presentations, journal Symposium on Maxillofacial Bone Pathology at the clubs, discussions, attending workshops and College of Dental Sciences, Davangere on 9-10 Sept. A two day workshop titled "Concepts in full mouth Dr. Karla Carvalho, I MDS, presented a poster on 'The rehabilitation" was conducted on 24th and 25th Dysplastic Dispute: Interlocution for Intervention' at September 2011. The program was attended by over the XX National Conference of the Indian Association 100 post graduate students and teaching faculty from for Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologists at Hyderabad on Dr. Meena Aras and Dr. Ivy Coutinho attended the 39th Department of Prosthodontics
Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference held in Dubai, UAE (2nd-5th Dec. 2011). Dr. Meena Aras was invited to chair a scientific session at the conference.
Zirconia based fixed partial dentures: A clinical review. Dr. Vinay Bachhav, Dr. Meena Aras. Quintessence International, Vol. 42, No. 2, Feb Management of flabby ridges using a liquid Dr. Nandita Keni, Dr. Meena A. Aras, Dr. Vidya Chitre. Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics, Surface conditioning treatment for improving the retention of fiber posts Dr. Chetan Modgi The Department of prosthodontics provides accepted for publication in Journal of Orofacial undergraduate and postgraduate instruction, patient care and conducts research covering the many Understanding the psychology of geriatric disciplines making up the broad speciality of edentulous patients. Dr. Ashwin Mysore, Dr. prosthodontics. These disciplines include: fixed prosthodontics, removable prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, and Fabrication and use of a metal reinforcing framework in a fracture prone maxillary complete denture - a case report: Dr. Shweta Caculo Goan Sectional tray in microstomia patient : a simple technique Dr. Nandita Keni Clinical Dentistry Oct ILLUSIONS : Prosthodontist as a conjurer - Dr. Types of Implant Surgical Guides in Dentistry: A Review. Dr. Kathleen D'Souza, Dr. Meena Aras. Enhancing smiles through esthetic direct Prosthetic management of a patient with flabby An interdisciplinary approach to reconstruct a ridge using liquid supported denture - a case fractured tooth under an intact all ceramic crown. Case report with four years follow up. Sudhir Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Bhandari, Praveen Rajagopal, Sonika Bakshi.
Indian Journal of Dental Research: July-August Paper and Poster Presentations under the guidance of Colgate IDA - Future dental professional program Dentinal Hypersensitivity - Dr. Yashwant Ujagare Oral hygiene maintenance - Dr. Chirag Gorasiya 13th IPS PG convention, Lucknow (24th to 26th Magnetic application in Prosthodontics - Dr. Siddharth Bansal, Dr. Ronak Shah, Dr. Bhavya Presurgical nasoalveolar molding - a review Dr. Zirconia bonding - a review Dr. Yashwant Ujagare Role of digital dental photography in esthetic 39th AIPG convention, Pune (19th to 21st August Department of Periodontics
The department deals with scaling/polishing/root This year was the landmark year for the Department planning of teeth, flap surgeries with/without bone as we started the much awaited Masters Course in grafts, mucogingival surgeries for esthetics and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Rahul Kamat and Dr. splinting of teeth. The average number of patients Sanket Gavhane joined the department as the first treated every month is approx. 1000.
batch of Post Graduate students. Also we were allotted a ward no 138 at the new block of Goa Medical The staff position consequent to implementation of the College with twenty beds. This will go a long way in Dynamic Career Progression Scheme (DCPS) is as the better management of patients. Seven new staff nurses joined the department, who are posted in the In addition to the routinely performed major surgeries like orthognathic surgery, cleft lip and palate repair, oral malignancy and other pathologies, this year we added a new feather to our cap by performing the first microvascular reconstruction of mandible using fibula. This surgery was performed along with the department of Plastic surgery, GMCH and was even the first of its kind in Goa Medical College and hospital.
37 students appeared for the B.D.S. examination in Jan. 2011, out of which 35 passed. The pass implantology in association with Noble Biocare. The percentage at the July exams was 100%.
first module of the workshop had 15 participants.
Dr. Gauri Sardessai was a speaker for a continuing Dr. Vikas Dhupar, Professor & Head, took charge as Dental Education programme in April 2011 on the topic the President of Goa State Indian Dental Association - 'systemic Diseases in the Periodontium'. Her article "Importance of Recording a case history" featured in the Goan Dentist Vol. 1 Issue 3 (May-Aug 2011).
The staff and post graduate students attended the international conference on Lasers and Implants held Dr. Sandeep Lawande presented a scientific paper in Goa, and the Annual conference of Oral and titled "Comparative Evaluation of Surgical Abrasion maxillofacial surgery held in New Delhi.
and Laser Ablation for treatment of Gingival Melanin Pigmentation" at the 5th Annual International Conference in Laser Dentistry Organised by the Indian Dandy Walker Syndrome with Tessier 7 Cleft - a rare Academy of Laser Dentistry (IALD) at Goa, on 15th- case report and surgical note on use of vermillion flap and Lazy w plasty was accepted for publication in journal of maxillofacial and oral surgery and He was conferred Fellowship of International College mandibular reconstruction using constochondral graft of Dentistry (FICD) at New Delhi in Nov. 2011. Dr. in a growing child a 3 year follow up was accepted for Lawande also received fellowship of Pierre Fauchard publication on the internet journal of plastic surgery.
Dr. Lilian Menezes was the speaker for a CDE in April 2011 on the topic "Plaque Control" and another in Dec. 2011 on "Dentin Hypersensitivity" both organized by Her paper titled "Clinical Evaluation of Platelet-Rich Course / Student Conventions / Workshops /
Plasma in the treatment of Human Intrabory Defects a Conferences attended
case Control Study" was accepted in Dec. 2011 for Two day workshop titled "Cognathics" publication in Quintessence International.
(Foundation course in surgical orthodontics and orthognathic surgery) at Coorg February 2011.
15th IOS PG students convention held at Manali Dr. Shalmali Pai & Dr. Jyoti Rao authorized an article entitled "Biologic width-Demystified" in Goan Dentist Preconference course titled "Bag of tricks" by Dr. Hands on course titled "MBT Treatment Dr. Anil Jain & Dr. Jyoti Rao published articles on "Role Mechanics" by Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty at of Desensitizing Toothpastes in Dentistry" in Goan 46th Indian Orthodontic Conference at Khajurao, September 2011.
The Post-graduate students presented papers & posters at the National ISP Convention held in Continuing dental Education (CDE) Program
Chennai. Posters were also presented at the 36th Organised
National Indian Society of Periodontology Conference A CDE symposium titled "Ortho Mantra" was organised by the department of Orthodontics, Goa Dental College & Hospital on November 19 and 20, Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial
Kharandikar, Dr. P. G. Francis, Dr. Jayesh Rahalkar This department strives to realize the triple goals of and Dr. Chetan Jayade held the audience spell bound balanced facial proportions, good dental occlusion by their informative lectures. An overwhelming and optimal oral function through the utility of number of delegates from all over India were in orthodontic appliances and orthopedic devices. This department also treats many cases with ortho-surgical approach and is also involved in rehabilitation of cleft "Team Management of a young adult with a traumatic cleft repair" - Dr. Nandini V. Kamat in Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society (J.I.O.S.) "Effect of flouride mouth rinses on various orthodontic archwire alloys tested by modified bended test - an in-vitro study - Dr. Kamna Shrivastava, Dr. P. K. Chandra, Dr. Nandini Kamat. (Article accepted in Journal of Dental Research) "Single arch orthodontics for Adults - two case reports" - Dr. Sachin Kakodkar, in The Goan At the 15th IOS PG student's Convention (Manali, Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the oral health of children from birth till adolescence. Oral Dr, Amit Mendiratta - "Effectiveness of examination aids in the detection of early stages of stabilization splint in achieving optimum tooth decay and problems related with the arch. Early functional occlusion in orthodontic treatment - treatment is essential in the maintenance of oral health, nourishment, and in boosting the self- Dr. Malissa Gomes - "Interdisciplinary treatment confidence of children. Additionally, parents are advised about home care (preventive and hygiene Dr. Shaikh Mubasshir Ahmed - "Drugs affecting methods/brushing methods/fluorides), finger/thumb and pacifier habits, diet counseling, and information Dr. Nandini Kamat - "Orthosurgical Management on growth and development of children. The of class II malocclusion - A case report", at the department offers the following types of treatment: 46th Indian Orthodontic Conference held at Restorative procedures, Pediatric endodontic procedures (pulpotomy, pulpectomy, apexification), appliances meant for preserving space and arch form, behavior management, oral hygiene and prophylactic Scientific paper presented by Dr. Amit Mendiratta procedures, obturator and feeding plate fabrication under the guidance of Dr. P. K. Chandra and Dr. for children born with cleft lip/palate, topical fluoride Nandini Kamat, won the Best paper in Clinical application. Children with special health care needs category at the 15th IOS PG Convention held at (mental or physical handicap, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Down's syndrome, autism, Epilepsy, Scientific paper presented by Dr. Nandini Kamat blood disorders) are given personal attention and won the overall second prize at the National Level necessary procedures are carried out under sedation. in the Clinical Category at 46th India Orthodontic The department treated 4,928 child patients in 2011.
Pubmed indexed journal publications
Dr. Sachin Kakodkar secured first prize in the Annual Dentofacial Orthopedics: Displacement, location College Chess tournament held during the funweek in and angulation of unerupted permanent maxillary canines and absence of canine bulge in children. 2011;139(3):345-50.
He also won the fourth prize in the Civil Services World Journal of Orthodontics: Comparison Annual Chess tournament in December 2011.
between the dimensions of lateral incisor crowns adjacent to unerupted palatally displaced and Department of Pedodontics
nondisplaced canines. 2010;11(3):245-9.
World Journal of Orthodontics: Arch length Faculty members:
deficiency on sides containing palatally erupting Australian Orthodontic Journal: Reliability of the mesiodentes – 28 annual conference, GDCH, magnification method for localization of ectopic Disturbances in maxillary canine eruptions – 31 Journal of Endodontics: In vitro resistance to annual conference, ITS institute, Gaziabad.
fracture of roots obturated with Resilon or gutta- New design space regainers – 33 annual conference (Nov, 2011), A.B. Shetty Dental Journal of Endodontics: An in vitro study College, Mangalore (Awarded Best of the Best
comparing the intracanal effectiveness of calcium paper)
hydroxide and linezolid based medicaments Early signs of palatal canine displacement - 65th against Enterococcus faecalis. J Endod. 2012 Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Courses attended at national conferences of the
Preventive Dentistry: Bilateral fusion of mandibular primary teeth. 2009;27(2):108-10.
Face mask therapy – By Dr Ashok Utreja (at 4 Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry: Vertex occlusal radiography Twin block appliance – By Dr. A.K. Goyal (at 5 i n l o c a l i z i n g u n e r u p t e d m e s i o d e n t e s . ISPPD PG convention, Christian Dental College & International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Rotary Endodontics in Pediatric Dentistry (at 33 Dentistry: Delayed replantation after endodontic ISPPD Annual conference, A.B. Shetty Dental and fluoride treatment: A 5-year follow up. 10. Journal of Conservative Dentistry: A comparison Goa Sate conferences/workshops attended:
between three different pit and fissure sealants 9 Goa State Dental Conference, A Lua, Verna with regard to marginal integrity (accepted; to be programme) at Goa Dental College and Hospital Implant prosthetics and esthetics (2 CDE Lecture given at IDA CDE programmes:
programme) at Goa Dental College and Hospital Lecture on “Space management in Pediatric Dentistry” at GDC Goa, organized by IDA Goa branch. Presenter: Dr. Paul Chalakkal
Patent holdings (Inventions):
Department of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, &
The Department has the following staff members:
Prof. & Head
Papers presented at national conferences of the
Asst. Professor :
Bilateral fusion of mandibular primary teeth – at 29 annual conference, V.S. Dental College, Lecturer
Staff Nurse
Lab. Asst.
installed. This was the prime reason for the severe drop in patients attended as well as number of X-ray Tech.
The Dept. congratulates all the students who passed Radiographic Tech. : Mr. George Kutty K.
the Goa University Final B.D.S. Sem. I Examination in Attendant Helper:
this subject. There were no casual batch students answering the exam in January 2011 and in July 2011 (37 / 37 i.e. 100 %) consequently there were no Postgraduate Students:
students appearing at the Jan. 2012 Goa University Final Year (Sem. I) Exams in this subject. The Dr. (Miss) Shruti Sambyal, 3 year postgraduate department extends heartiest congratulations to Miss student (Joined in May 2008 Passed with First Nikita Karekar for securing the highest marks in this subject (July 2010: 153/ 200 = 76.5 %). The Dept Dr. (Mr.) Amit Gothwal, 3 year postgraduate continued the coaching of the II BDS (2010-2011: 23+3, 2011-12: 19+9), III BDS (2010-2011: 37+0, 2011-12: 25+9) & IV BDS (2010-2011: 37+0, 2011-12: postgraduate student (Joined in June 2009) Dr. (Miss) Swati Garg, 3 year postgraduate student ( Joined in June 2009) The department also congratulates Dr. Shruti Dr. (Mr.) Nigel Figueirdo 2 year postgraduate Sambyal (265+221= 486 / 700 = 69.43%) who passed the Final M.D.S. Goa University Exams in the year Dr. (Mrs.) Manoj Meena 2 year postgraduate October 2011 in her first attempt with a Second Class; missing a First Class by just 0.57%! It was unfortunate Dr. Aarthi Shenoy 1 year postgraduate student that due to non availability of requisite x-ray machines her exams could not be held as per schedule in March- April 2011, although she had submitted her dissertation and was eligible to appear in March-April 2011. The Department welcomes Dr. (Miss) Aarthi The total number of patients attended to by the Oral Shenoy (BDS- GDCH-Goa) & Dr. (Miss.) Divya Medicine, Diagnosis, & Radiology Dept during the Bharadwaj (All India Quota candidate BDS from period January 2011 to December 2011 was 34,488 B.R.S. Dental College, Panchkula, Haryana) who (25,368 – representing a drop by 19.32% over the joined as the tenth batch of postgraduate students in corresponding period in the previous year) (Oral June 2011. The Dept also congratulates Dr. Amita Medicine, Diagnosis Section: 19,573 (17,114 – an Parab & Dr. Sharad Sahai both past postgraduates increase by almost 1.95%) ; Oral Radiology: 14,915 from this Dept on their marriage on 1 December 2011 (8,254 a drop by 43.69%); and the total number of radiographs taken during the period was21,629 (12,742 – a drop by 42.76% over the corresponding A) CONFERENCES PARTICIPATED IN:
period in the previous year). The Dept was devoid of National Postgraduate Convention 2011
any fully functional radiographic machine – not even Organized by the Indian Academy Of Oral
the minimum recommended by the Dental Council of Medicine & Radiology
India until 5-10-2011 when a Planmeca EC 2002 Venue: KLE'S V.K. Institute of Dental Sciences,
Analog OPG-Cephalography X-ray machine was Date: 23 to 24 Sept. 2011
Association Goa State Branch's Women Dental

Papers Presented:
Venue: Multipurpose Hall GDCH
“Tic Doulourex – Secondary To An Intra-Cranial Date: 16 Oct. 2011
Mass” by Dr. (Miss) Sapna Raut Desai (MDS – 3 Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
“Pain Palliation- A Crucial Fact Of Oral Cancer IXth National Conference of the Indian Academy of
Intervention” by Dr. (Miss) Swati Garg (MDS – 3 Forensic Odontology
Venue: Vinayaka Mission Sankarachariyar Dental
“Management Of Myofacial Pain Dysfunction College & Hospital, Salem
Syndrome” by Dr. (Mrs.) Manoj Meena (MDS – 2 Date: 21 to 24 Oct. 2011
Attended By: Dr. Manisha Khorate. She presented a
“Alternative Therapy In Management Of Oro- paper on “Age Estimation Methods In Forensic Facial Pain” by Dr. (Mr.) Nigel Figueirdo ( MDS – B) WORKSHOPS ATTENDED:
Posters Presented:
Clinical Training in Radiotherapy and Oral
“Oro-Facial Pain – A Systemic Link” by Dr. (Miss) Oncology: Dr. (Miss) Sapna Raut Desai & Dr. (Miss)
Swati Garg attended a Clinical posting of 21 days at “Trigeminal Neuralgia” by Dr. Aarthi Shenoy the Tata Memorial Hospital & Cancer Research Center, Mumbai from 1st to 25th February 2011.
“Pain Scales” by Dr. (Miss) Divya Bharadwaj CME in Management of the Hemophiliac
Patient” Organized by The Hemophilia Society of
XXIII National Conference of the Indian
India Goa Chapter in collaboration with the Goa
Academy Of Oral Medicine & Radiology
Medical College & Hospital
Venue: NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru,
Venue: Library Auditorium of Goa Medical College &
Date: 9 to 11 Dec. 2011
Date: 3rd July 2011
Attended By: Dr. (Miss) Aarthi Shenoy, Dr. (Miss)
Attended By: Dr. Ajit Dinkar, Dr. (Miss) Sujata K.
Divya Bharadwaj, Dr. (Mrs.) Manoj Meena, Dr. (Mr.) Satoskar, Dr. (Miss) Aarthi Shenoy, Dr. (Miss) Divya Bharadwaj, Dr. (Mrs.) Manoj Meena, Dr. (Mr.) Nigel Pre-Conference course on Ultrasonography held
Figueirdo, Dr. (Miss) Sapna Raut Desai, Dr. (Miss) on 8 Dec 2011 at Sagar Hospital, Banashankari, Swati Garg, & Dr. (Miss) Shruti Singh Sambyal Bengaluru was attended by Dr. Aarthi Shenoy, Dr. (Miss) Divya Bharadwaj “Implant Prosthetics & Esthetics” Organized
by IDA, Goa
III. 5 International Conference of the Indian
Venue: GDCH, Goa
Academy of Laser Dentistry
Date: 24 July 2011
Venue: Hotel Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa
Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
Date: 16th -18th Sept. 2011
Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
“ E s t h e t i c C o n s i d e r a t i o n s i n F i x e d
Prosthodontics & Financial Management for
IV. First Conference of the Indian Dental
Dentist” Organized by
Venue: GDCH, Goa
all the members of the Dental Council of India and Date: 21 August 2011
is to debated and adopted at the next General Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
body Meeting of the D.C.I. sometime in February- “ P r e d i c t a b l e F i x e d P r o s t h o d o n t i c s ”
March 2012. After which it would be sent to the Organized by IDA, Goa
Govt. of India for due notification in the Govt. of Venue: GDCH, Goa
India's Gazette. Dental Colleges all over the Date: 11 Sept. 2011
country could then apply for starting the MDS Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
Course in Forensic Dentistry in their respective colleges subject to approval by the DCI.
“Concepts of Full Mouth Rehabilitation”
“Application of Cheiloscopy In Determining
Organized by IDA, Goa
Individuality – A Cross Sectional Study”
Venue: GDCH, Goa
Submitted as a Dissertation to the Rajiv
Date: 24 & 25 Sept. 2011
Gandhi University of Health Sciences for the
Attended By: Dr. Sujata Satoskar
Postgraduate Degree of M.D.( Forensic
Medicine) by Dr. Annie Joseph Varghese

“Past, Present, & Future of Forensic Dentistry
under the guidance of Dr. Shashidshar Mestri
In India” Organized by the Oral Medicine-
of the J.S.S. Medical College, Mysore. Dr. Ajit
Radiology Dept of the Govt. Dental College &
D. Dinkar assisted her in the classification and
Hospital Mumbai
reading of lip prints.
Venue: Govt. Dental College & Hospital Mumbai
Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar was on the Review Board for the Date: 11 & 12 Nov. 2011
Oral Oncology Journal, Indian Journal of Attended By: Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar. He was invited as a
Guest Speaker and spoke on “Gender Determination Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar served on the Committee Methods in Forensic Dentistry & Related Issues” appointed by the Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology for upgradation of the A) OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS:
Syllabus in this subject and attended the DCI Dr. Manisha Khorate, Lecturer, has registered for the PhD program with the Faculty of Dental conducted in Collaboration with the Rajiv Gandhi Sciences, of the Pacific Academy of Higher University of Health Sciences, wherin the Internship program was reintroduced for the BDS Course and teaching hours and syllabus was Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar had been appointed as DCI Inspector to various Dental Colleges across the Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar was appointed as a Subject country for DCI recognition of their respective Expert Interviewer for the recruitment of teaching Staff at the Maulana Azad Institute of Dental valuable for self assessment of our own Dept. Sciences (Govt. of Delhi) New Delhi on 3rd March Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar presented the Curriculum The Dept. attended 16 cases of Cancer and 398 Guidelines, Staff & Infra-structure Requirements for starting the M.D.S. Course in Forensic The Dept. attended 89 medico-legal cases for age Dentistry in India at the General Body Meeting of the Dental Council of India held on 24 & 25 Sept. 10) Dr. Dinkar participated in the CME conducted by
2011 in Kolkata. The same has been circulated to on 25-8-2011 on Indian Journal Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology by Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar, Dr. Sujata Satoskar, Dr. Amit B) PAPERS PUBLISHED
Non-hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) In HIV
Collection Of Lip Prints As A Forensic
patient – A case report” – Journal of Oral Health &
Evidence At The Crime Scene – An Insight” by
Research Year : June 2011, Volume : 2, Issue : 1 First Rachana V Prabhu, Ajit D Dinkar,Vishnudas Dinesh page : ( 45) Last page : ( 48) Print ISSN : 0976-5328. Prabhu in Journal of Oral Health Research, Volume 1, by Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar, Dr. Sujata Satoskar, Dr. Amit “Cheiloscopy Revisited” Accepted for
publication in the Journal of Forensic Odontology by “Glanzmann's Thrombosthenia: A Case
Rachana V Prabhu, Ajit D. Dinkar,Vishnudas Dinesh Report & Review of Literature” – Journal of the
Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology July- “Study Of Lip Prints A Digital Approach”
Sept. 2011: 23: (3) :S396-398 by Dr. Ajit D. Dinkar, Dr. Accepted for publication in the Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology by Rachana V Prabhu, Ajit D Forensic Odontology-The Role of Dental
Experts –A Review” Accepted for publication in the


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