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MARCH 2009

PO BOX 2431
PATRONS: The Mayor, Mr Ron Clarke and Mayoress Mrs Helen Clarke
P R E S I D E N T ’ S
believe everyone had a great time. I can get 30 Members on the Coach.
was amazed at the facilities when Regardless of whether you are driv-
we visited Bernice's 'stables' in Ner- ing or on the Coach, there will be a
ang on that trip. Bernice and John $2.00 Charge for the Sausage Sizzle
have offered the 'stables' to the soci- lunch for anyone attending. This
ety to hold this years Christmas nominal amount assures we have cor-
party. I think it will be ideal.
We had a big roll up at last month's GCRS ladies attending are asked to meeting. The biggest I can remem- bring something along for morning ber. Lets hope we can keep it up and tea please. As we are expecting to do that we need all your rose around 150 Members from GCRS, blooms for the benches. We also Roselovers QRS and Darling Downs have a new name for the rose maga- Rose Societies to attend, we will zine you are now reading. will include sausages, bread rolls and Mrs Crocket salads. The Roselovers are providing tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc. We will also be running a multiple Raffle with one major Prize and 30 WHAT TO DO IN APRIL;
out in the garden. Like many of you, I’m We have finished most of our pruning for a reluctant gardener in the oppressive heat the May shows. With having to produce of our Summer, but as soon as the tem- blooms for 4 weekends in a row in May perature drops and I sense a puff of cooler we are sure to have timed it right. air, my brain clicks into action, my enthu- siasm gets a kick start and I start planning We have finished our rose orders now for April is the time for deciding on and pre- Many of the new ones, we have not seen paring new garden beds, enriching the soil before in any garden. This will make and deciding on which roses are going to the total count of roses in all our gardens be ‘wheelie binned’ and what you are go- just a few short of 700. We have begun ing to replace those poor performers with. filling the new gardens with chicken ma- If you are creating a new garden from nure, mushroom compost, shredded paper scratch, preparing it well will be crucial and sugar cane. Nothing will be planted for a healthy rose garden. Dig your new in them until the end of June at the earli- garden over to a depth of at least 30cm est. Cheryll has been very successful in taking Dig in old compost and a little blood and cuttings from many minis/minifloras to bone, water and then leave to settle. New fill up our new mini garden. Many more Garden beds need to be prepared a mini- Rainbows End, Irresistible, Jennifers, Du- Allowing beds to lie ‘fallow’ for a time the main gardens will help fill it up. Our will help the composition of the soil and minis growing now in pots will be planted allow earthworms to do their valuable out. We had a couple whose roots had work. Your organic matter should pro- grown through the bottom of their pot and into the soil. They were twice as big and twice as healthy as those restricted to pot- When choosing your new Roses, consider ting mix. We now have the room. their colour, fragrance, disease resistance - which is particularly important for Until next time roses are more susceptible than others to diseases, so it is important to choose roses which some of the ’locals’ say have Terry & proven to be relatively Disease Resistant Cheryll ‘A BUCKET OF ROSES’ kindly donated to us by its manufacturer
“Gold Acres” and their Queensland Dis- tributors “Black Trac” at Beaudesert. Well it is that time of year when we give the roses a light prune to bring them into This domestic sprayer has a capacity of flush for the round of Autumn Shows. up to 30 liters. It runs on a 12 volt battery The bushes always seem to look a bit that is rechargeable by plugging it into the tired and sparse in the foliage department mains. If you are spraying once a week to prior to this. We find if we cut out all of once a fortnight it will need re-charging the spindly rubbish so that the smallest about once a month. After you are fin-branches are at least pencil thickness and ished spraying it is easy to clean out with give them a good fertilize they spring the hose. It has a nice long hose and the back into life until it is time for their win- handle/trigger is comfortable to use. (Paul ter prune. Leaving branches that are thin- and I actually have one of these and love ner than a pencil just leads to a weak it!! It takes about an hour to empty the 30 bloom on that branch. Whether you are liters.) pruning for showing or to put flowers in the house, there is no point leaving these Remember the great raffle draws at last spindly branches on. multi-draw raffles at the Pruning Day this The energy that two of these branches year. The “Squirt” being the final prize. take from the plant to create two poor All money raised from the raffles will be quality blooms could have been used by used to fund the day so please support the the rose to produce one really nice bloom raffles. on a thicker stem that would last in a vase for over a week. It is better to be ruthless If you are not lucky enough to win the and reap the benefits of quality rather than “Squirt” at the Pruning Day but would quantity. Be careful however not to ex- still like one you can contact Black Trac pose your bushes to sunburn. Although on 07) 5541 0566. the weather is starting to cool we may still get a few long, hot days and if your Until next time. bushes are too de-foliated the canes are still at risk of sunburn. Well the Pruning Day at Ted and Jan’s is shaping up to be the best ever. Make sure we know you are coming!! This year we have a “Squirt” to raffle. (Pictured on this page. ) This prize valued at $450.00 was ROSES ON THE HILL;
transplanted - they obviously didn't like the move!!) Again this will be tropi-cal, with palms underplanted with a vari- It’s a relief to have the weather finally ety of shade loving beauties and another cooling down again. The Roses are large water feature. Members who are looking a lot happier now they are not coming/helping at he Open Garden/ year, but I’m really finding it difficult to Enjoy your Roses locate a Rose Nursery that has what I Angela Sully To date, I have only been able to pur- ROSE FORUM;
chase four from Treloar, no-one else seems to stock what I want - how bad is I decided to run a little Forum in this that!! Let us know if you are having Newsletter asking a couple of our Rosari-similar problems. ans the following questions which I felt There is a lot going on at Rosehill at the Here are their answers; moment, not too much with the Roses though . . . They are all pretty happy. TERRY BURKE;
Wayne was so inspired by Carol and What has been your worst Pest this Sea-
John Kirken’s garden on our Coach trip, son and what have you combated it
he is now into water features around the with?
place!! The tropical garden around the The worst pest I had last year could have
outdoor kitchen has now been extended been thrips. It ruins flowers as it browns
with 5 new palms going in, under planted off the edges of the petals and you can
with tropical's and a lovely big Urn not show them. Mites just wreck the
which spills water over the top into a leaves and you can still get some good
pond below. The pond has waterlillies blooms. I have no problems with aphids
and goldfish in it (of course)
thrips and they can be beaten with Maldi- The garden behind the big Gazebo under son. I spray all the time with that now the two gum trees is also having a major and have finally beaten them .I do mix it makeover, which has meant digging out with Dictate Duo but that will not stop grass and shifting huge boulders to get them on its own. It took a long time the shape we want, which will incorpo- though. I read about Maldison being the rate a sweeping grass pathway, and re- best in an American magazine. When we locating plants which were in this area. (I’ve taken hold, but there were no rose shows managed to kill a couple of Natives I then so I did not go full pelt at them but it They hide down in between the petals and roses. It distorts the flower to give it a big
are almost waterproof. They need to be centre and small petals. Some buds do not
sprayed as they travel up and down the even open.
stems. That's why you need to do it so of-
ten and they are very mobile. I did try I'll go for Botrytis.
Rogor but it was not as effective and it
stinks, besides Maldison is quite safe to What has been your favourite garden
Rose this Season?
What has been your worst Fungal Dis- OK, I'll stick my head out and go
ease this Season and what have you com- for.for.Moonstone. no
bated it with?
The worst fungal disease would be either Irresistible. . . .No Wait. . . . .
Downey mildew or Botrytis, both cause .maybe. . . . .maybe.Royale. . .or
much grief. Black spot and co. are easy to maybe.Pimprenelle.I could tend to fa-
deal with. As soon as it rains and the tem- vour Precious Michelle as well. That
perature falls, Botrytis ruins every flower. flower is stunning. It just does not repeat
They go brownie grey and turn to mush. flower quickly enough. I guess I like them
Many buds never develop and just go all. Maybe Moonstone as that is always
brown. It arrives in winter and stays to vigorous and constantly puts out flowers
about January if it is wet, It is very hard to and they are beautiful as well and the fact
get on top of. Mancozeb is recommended that we have about 30 of them probably
and I always use that, It does not beat it means that that one is our favourite.
though. I have used Ippon500 Aquaflo as
well, I was desperate and mixed the two What is your longest lasting cut Rose?
together. I suppose I noticed an improve- We very rarely ever cut them for the house
ment but I could not beat it. I have a so I don't really know. I know that Double
product called Zyban, It is Mancozeb Delight if picked early lasts a very long
mixed with Thiphanate-methyl. It is made time and does develop into a most beauti-
by Scotts and cost an arm and a leg. I did ful bloom as the red colouring stops at the
use it, noticed very little improvement and petal edge when brought inside and the
stopped, I am saving it for next winter white is extremely white. It opens up into
when I have more time to apply these the best full bloom rose one could imagine
things (retired).
Downey can be controlled with Ridomil or
Phosphorous acid. I continually use either up until November. The trouble with Downey is that it can be fatal to young PAUL HAINS;
is not going to rain as Mancozeb is not systemic and relies on being in contact What has been your worst Pest this Sea- fected some of the canes on some bushes
son and what have you combated it too represented by purplish spots that turn
Our worst pest has been Red Spider (Two been critical to the bush I have cut these -Spotted) Mite. It always seems to come canes out to below the infection. I will on hot winds and I notice it fairly quickly review the level of infected canes in my by looking at the prematurely yellowing winter prune. I also make sure I spray the leaves. In the past we have tried spraying canes as well as the leaves. under the leaves with water, Eco-oil and other sprays. We bought Stealth which is What has been your favourite garden
a translaminar product (goes through the Rose this Season?
leaves) so you only have to spray on the This is a toss up between Marchenkonigin top. Unfortunately our mites aren't very and Aotearoa. Both are pink and both are obedient and it only wipes out most of prolific. The Marchenkonigin flowers are them. This leads me to the only solution I a more classic shape and last longer if you have found to work which is Omite, a cut them at 1/3 to 1/2 open stage, however soluble powder miticide. Spray this, then they have little perfume. Aotearoa had a few days later spray it again if neces- abundant blooms of fantastic fragrance. sary. I have found this wipes them out We have four Aotearoa bushes and they until the next hot wind brings their rela- take a couple of years to flower to their full potential, so two of ours are flowering very well. If you like white flowers, Full What has been your worst Fungal Dis- Sail is the sport of Aotearoa. All of these
ease this Season and what have you bushes grow tall. For us they are around
combated it with?
Blackspot. I have had some other diseases but this one has been the worst for defoli- What is your longest lasting cut Rose?
ating the bushes. I am happy with the St Patrick without a doubt. The green bud sprays but with all the wet weather I did- that turns to yellow with abundant flowers n't spray often enough. I would allow a on each bush. This one lasts longer than week between sprays but then it would any other and sees through about 10 days rain on my spray day, or something would in a vase even if it has spent 7 days in the be on for work, or I would sleep in. you fridge first! Mum says she can get about w it goes. So it is only my fail- 14 days from St Patrick but I think they ure that caused this. I add Mancozeb to are looking a little too sad by then. Great my other fungicides when blackspot has reared its head. This is only effective if it shape, little perfume. Everyone



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