Frequently Asked Questions about the IGF Anti-Doping Regulations

Why do we need testing?

As IGF strives to make Go an IOC-recognized sport, we are required to have an anti-
doping program. The IOC recognition is mandatory for Go’s future participation in all
IOC and IMSA sponsored programs. The former include the 2010 and 2014 Asian
Games where Go will enter as a regular “sport” item; the latter includes at least the
Second World Mind Sports Games in 2012.
What is the schedule for the implementation?

The IGF has accepted the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) anti-doping code in
September 2008. The first doping tests will take place in 2009, perhaps at the WAGC,
but more likely at the KPMC. After the first testing, all future IGF-sponsored
international tournaments will include testing.
Who will administer the testing?

The two bodies at IGF that are in charge of the testing program are the Medical
Commission and the Anti-Doping Hearing Panel. The former, made up of medical
professionals, will supervise the testing, interpret any positive results, document such
results, and grant or deny the Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE’s) (the last task will be
carried out by the Commission’s subsidiary, the TUE Panel). The Anti-Doping Hearing
Panel, to be chaired by a legal professional and participated by at least one IGF official,
assigns penalties and adjudicates upon appeals.
Who will be tested?

They include two groups. For In-Competition Testing at an international tournament, the
top finishers plus one or two randomly chosen players will be tested. For Out-Of-
Competition Testing, IGF will select a few people, likely to be recent top finishers, to
form a Registered Testing Pool. See Article 5.7 for details.
What will be tested?

A detailed Prohibited List can be found at the WADA website:
What is the penalty of testing positive?

The standard penalty for testing positive or for refusal to be tested is the nullification of
tournament results and a 2-year ban for the first offense, lifetime ban for the second. See
Article 8 for details.
Does each Member National Association of IGF have to implement a testing program? WADA and IOC say yes. The simplest way for an NA to comply is to enter into their Statutes that they accept the IGF Regulations and the WADA code and to work with their NOC for carrying out the actual testing. In terms of timing, obviously the Asian countries that wish to participate in the 2010 Asian Games need to get on with it very soon. Our understanding is that the Asian NOC’s are already on top of this. Others should contact their NOC’s soon. What should I do to protect myself? If you take any of the drugs on the Prohibited List for medical reason, get your doctor to sign a TUE and send it to IGF before you play in any International Tournaments. See Article 3.6 for details. I hear that my coffee is going to be taken away… No, caffeine is on the Monitored List, not on the Prohibited List. For now at least, enjoy your quad latté! Any other major drugs I should look out for? Many older players take beta-blockers for hypertension; some doctors prescribe prednisone for strong allergy or for recovery from injury. These are common, prohibited, drugs that you need to be aware of. Some of the elements of the Regulations seem very quaint to me. What is IGF going to do about them? We have identified two items that we will contest with WADA. The first is the entire program of Out-of-Contest Testing, which does not fit the reality of Go. The second is the aforementioned ban of beta-blockers, a drug that actually impedes performance in Mind Sports rather than helps. We hope to work together with Chess to have these aspects dropped. There are other smaller items imposed by WADA such as references to IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and to “World Records” that have no relevance to Go; we will try to eliminate these as well. Where should I send the questions and comments? Until the Medical Commission and the Hearing Panel are formed, feel free to send your inquiries to [email protected] to contact the author of these Regulations. He is the person who summarized a massive set of instructions and requirements from WADA and came up with this document. However, since he is neither a medical professional nor a lawyer, you may not get much technical answer back; at least not for now.


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