Surgery Post-Op
10561 Jeffreys Street, Suite 230 • Henderson, Nevada 89052Phone: 702-565-6565 • Fax: 702-990-5275taitjointreplacement.com 1. FOOD: First meal at home should be clear liquids.
2. ICE: An ice bag should be applied to your thigh for 20 minutes four times daily for 72 hours.
3. EXERCISE: Exercises are not necessary at this stage. You will be instructed on exercises during your
4. CRUTCHES: You will need crutches or walker for comfort only. You may weight bear on the operative
5. PAIN MEDS: A prescription for pain medication will be provided before your discharge home.
Do not take any aspirin for one week after surgery. (Use plain Tylenol instead.) Please inform us of any 6. WOUND CARE:
(b) Do not remove the bandage for 5 days.
(c) If the leg should become red, more swollen or show any change, call the office immediately.
You may remove the stain of the Betadine Scrub with alcohol.
7. BANDAGE: You may remove the bandage after 5 days. Clean the wound with Dial soap and put a 4x4
guaze on with tape. Change the bandage daily. No bandage needed when the incision is dry and not seeping. You may shower after 5 days. Do not soak in a tub or hot tub. After shower dry the incision and 8. ACTIVITIES:
(a) Let pain be your guide to activity - too much pain, too much activity.
(b) Some amount of swelling will be present postoperatively.
(c) Do not use exercise machines unless specified.
(d) Elevate the thigh to decrease swelling.
9. FOLLOW UP: Make your follow-up appointment date for approximately 14 days after surgery.
Until your first check in the office, do not swim, or use a whirlpool.
10. NAUSEA: You may be nauseated after surgery as a result of anaesthesia or the pain pills.
You have been give a prescription for Compazine. Try this first. If compazine doesn’t help, call me.
11. CONSTIPTION: Most patients develop some degree of constipation after surgery. Concentrate on
drinking fruit juices and a “high fiber” diet. You may also take a stool softener such as “Surfak”, or a mild laxative such as “Milk of Magnesia”, both available at any pharmacy 12. FEVER: If you develop a fever of 101.4 degrees or above, call me. Some swelling is normal in the
toes after surgery. If your thigh becomes extremely swollen, cold, blue or numb; or if the pain is not relieved by prescription medication, please notify me at once.
Thank you for following the above instructions. If you have any questions - please call my office. The receptionist will put you in touch with either me or my assistants.
Dr. Robert J. Tait
PATIENT’S NAME: _________________________________________________________ Compazine 10 mg
Sig: one po q 6 hrs prn Nausea or Vomiting
Disp: #10 (Ten)
Refills: None
Dr. Robert J. Tait
PATIENT’S NAME: _________________________________________________________ Lortab 10 mg
Sig: one - two po q 4 - 6 hrs prn Pain
Disp: #50 (Fifty)
Refills: None

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