Electronic heating cost allocator with radio or prepared for radio use Readout possible at any time without having to enter the flat:
consumption figures which are recorded individually, precisely and on the reference
date directly from the radiator.

Product description
An electronic device as a compact or remote sensor version for individual recording of heat
consumption for a radiator on the reference date.
The electronic heating cost allocator are modern double sensor devices with two highly
sensitive temperature sensors for the radiator and the surrounding air.
On the programmed reference date (which is freely selectable), the devices save the
consumption amount and set the current display to zero. The electronic heating cost distribu-
tors work with their own network-independent power supply and are subject to constant
self-control. Disturbance messages are effected automatically and the user is notified of
them on the display and if radio operation is used they are conveyed to the meter reader.
If the room temperature sensor is thermally influenced, e.g. by heat accumulation or
manipulation, the EHKV [electronic heating cost allocator] automatically switch over to single
sensor operation. Heat registration is avoided by the use of dynamic heating operation rec-
ognition in the summer.
Radio heating cost allocator
The FHKV data IlI transfers the consumption costs by radio transmission, it is no longer
necessary to enter the flat for meter reading.
Electronic heating cost allocator
The EHKV vario S has a radio module which enables changing over to meter reading by radio
transmission at any time fol owing activation.
Performance features
• Software-supported manipulation and dismounting recognition
• The meter reading on the reference date can always be checked on the device
• Product coding for the heating cost allocator provides the customer with optimum
• High data quality due to automated data migration in the billing system• High legal certainty when billing the consumption costs Radio heating cost allocator data IIl:
• Meter reading takes place outside of the flat, it is not necessary that the tenant
• Radio transfer of the mid-month and month-end figures, making intermediate • Secure data transfer using the CRC process and data encryption Electronic heating cost allocator vario S
• Prepared for the future because the device can be upgraded for radio transmission
LC displays
Technical data
35 °C – 130 °C for remote sensor versions with 4 internal digits following the decimal Above 22.5 °C heating surface temperature Constant self-control using microcontrollers Serial number of the heating cost distributor and electronic manipulation and dismounting FHKV data lII: data encoding and radio transfer EHKV vario S: prepared for radio use, including reference date figure and status information Techem Energy Services GmbH · Hauptstraße 89 · D-65760 Eschborn · www.techem.com

Source: http://www.techem.gr/fileadmin/countries/GR/PDF/FHKV_Data_III_data_sheet.pdf


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