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Enliven Festival
Saturday 7th July

Soma High are a rock band from the South Coast generating a buzz wherever they go performing tracks from
their forthcoming debut album ‘Secrets That Didn’t Happen’. Their new music is bursting with fresh energy
and ambition and demonstrates the band pushing the boundaries of modern melodic punk rock. Vocalist and
song writer Sean Strugnell sings about love, modern life and thoughts and emotions that are current and
significant in today’s climate. Bassist Leon Azor brings in a groove that flows much like drummer Ryan Smith,
who’s beats and rolls bring energy and presence to the band whilst Keyboardist Paul Wolf delivers
Atmospheric synth and powerful keys. Recently they have supported Union Soundset, Does it Offend You,
Yeah!, The Bluetones and Howling Bells along with Razorlight, Cage the Elephant, The Baddies, and
Supergrass’s ‘Hot Rats’. Their previous EP with tracks ‘Something about you’, ‘Flashback Tuesday’ and ‘We
don’t want this’ demonstrates the band pushing the boundaries of modern melodic punk rock. Soma High are
a euphoric rock monster - your feel-good drug of choice?
The Hollow Orchestra
‘The Hollow Orchestra are four people currently living in Southampton, UK.
They are 2 girls and 2 guys. Kind of like the cast of friends if you cut out the two rubbish ones. You know the
ones I mean.
Actually they are more like Abba. But they don’t sound like Abba. They sound more like The Velvet
Underground with a folky twinge. Or Yo La Tengo if they took different drugs. Or The Veils, if they became
more popular.
The Hollow Orchestra also takes influence and inspiration from classic literature and try to write songs as a
visual accompaniment to the images contained in great art. But perhaps we shouldn’t mention that because it
sounds pretentious. But it is true.
One of them looks a little like the hot one from Abba. You know the one.
Three of the band are multi-instrumentalists who have played on nationally chart topping records and at
major festivals. One of them is considerably less talented.
Go see The Hollow Orchestra live and see if you can spot which one this is.
This is a poorly written and factually shallow biography of The Hollow Orchestra.
Well, you’ve read it now. You can’t unread it.’

The Novatones, with a sound and energy reminiscent of ”The Buzzcocks” this four piece were “having it” from
the start and have the crowd feeding off their energy.
If you want to hear some good old fashion rock & roll and love the Buzzcocks, Clash, Ramones then look these
guys up. They definitely have it.

Bonnie and The Madmen
This Eastleigh based band was originally formed in February 2012 for a production of Romeo and Juliet by The
Point Youth Theatre, now it has become its own entity and have been working on original material.
They are a 5 piece band who draws from a wide range of styles, and will be sure to make their debut
appearance one to remember.
Stone Them Crows
Since emerging late 2010, Stone Them Crows have crept up quickly and caused a bit of a stir in their
hometown of Southampton, with a new and evolved take on garage rock laced with generational ingredients
of indie and experimental tones in a seemingly endless bag of confidence.
Big loud noises are what they’re about, with dirty basslines and massive guitar riffs shaking stages between
Southampton and London as well as reaching listeners in various spots around the globe.
Tipped for a few festivals this year, the energy delivered with their cocksure stage presence is nothing short of
infectious and sure to give you a class A buzz.
“Wolfe are a 4 piece band with male & female vocals plus bass, guitar and synths. Wolfe started in early 2010
and spent the year shaping their sound and getting it out there, with support slots for Tropics, BirdPen, Pete
Voss, Alan McGee's Greasy Lips night and Suicide Party's Club Das Ende nights. They have grown with every
performance and are starting to gain more exposure and support. They fit right in with The XX, Fever Ray and

"Wolfe blend flawlessly the minimal intimacy of The XX, the darker edge of Massive Attack and the swagger of
The Stone Roses. With excellent dual vocals that swirl in and out over electronic beats, analogue synths and
isolated guitar, these guys build a huge atmosphere"
Charley Macaulay

Charley Macaulay is a very young but extremely talented vocalist from Southampton. Aged only 19, she has
already supported Will Young, Anastacia and Escala and has completed a UK tour taking in some of the
country’s most prestigious venues including Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, Portsmouth Guildhall, Sheffield City
Hall and Newcastle’s Journal Tyne Theatre to name but a few. Festival appearances include Glastonbury
Festival, the Isle of Wight Festival,CampBestival, Bestival and Party by the Beach.

England Road

Formed in 2011, England Road are one of the youngest bands currently playing in the south coast. Aged just
14-17 they have musical ability well beyond their years. Playing their own compositions as well as recognised
Indie and hard rock classics, they are held in high regard by all bands they have played with.
December 18th 2011 saw them become the youngest band in history to have their own headline night at the
legendary venue “The Joiners Arms” in Southampton.
England Road have a strong following in both Southampton and Portsmouth and regularly play big venues
across the region. They are fast gaining a reputation in the local area as the 'ones to watch'.

The Crooked Beat:

The Crooked Beat are a six-piece psych-dub outfit based on the South coast of the United Kingdom.
Comprising members and ex-members of some of the Southampton scene's leading lights The Crooked Beat
have come together to produce an intense and varied live set.
Flight Brigade:

“Flight Brigade are a rock/folk collective formed by the coming together of two families – the Baines and the
Hughes. Hailing from a sleepy Hampshire village, both family homes are cluttered with old instruments, amps
and recording equipment. The children that grew up in these homes started making music together and in
2010 met with musician friends in a derelict church. Flight Brigade was born.
Lead singer Oliver Baines, who spent his early years on a farm in rural Ohio, is the eldest of four brothers and
is married to the eldest Hughes girl, Miriam (vocals, accordion, glockenspiel). Her younger sister, Dorry, plays
the violin and arranges many of the instrumental parts. The bass player (Clay) grew up on the same road,
whilst the drummer (Blandford) and lead guitarist (Pink) attended the same college as the rest of the band.
Seventh member (Barker), who previously helped with fixing equipment and general technical wizardry, joined
in late 2010 when the band discovered he could both sing and play the piano. Flight Brigade are knit together
by the second and third Baines brothers, Jess and Seth, who produce all the bands artwork and video.
In their day, both the Baines and Hughes parents were involved in the folk scene and lived on both sides of the
Atlantic. Classic albums by Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Fairport Convention and James Taylor have always
been on heavy rotation and it is from this atmosphere that the Flight Brigade sound has grown and developed.
With solid song-writing and lyrical poignancy, their music is characterised by infectious melodies, exquisite
arrangements and heartfelt energy.”
Ella Janes:

''Ella has a unique quality to her voice that had the other guests in my studio pleasantly suprised - even one
who a claimed not to be 'a folky fan'. There's a subtle frailty which gives the songs a real emotion. I would be
happy to have Ella back on the show at any time.'' (John Govier, BBC Radio Devon)
"Ella Janes is an accomplished musician and has a unique style which is instantly likable and engaging. Her
songs are fresh, original and very honest, and passion oozes with every chord she plays." (David Durant, Head
of Live & Unsigned Music, Brooklands Radio)
''At 19, Ella is a consummate professional, with a talent that belies her age. She has the ability to take a dark,
cold and miserable night outside, and turn it into something magical and entertaining. Her live show is always
evolving, and she's not afraid to try new things. A class act.'' (James Knights, Scarlet Soho)!/ellajanesmusic#!/ellajanesmusic/info
Andrew Foster:
Andrew Foster has been praised for his song writing and lyrical content by Acoustic Magazine and the BBC
both commenting on how he paints a picture with his songs. Having a wide taste in music and a huge
appreciation for the craft of song writing has seen him compared to the likes of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley,
but also the diversity of the Beatles and Bowie with a contemporary take. Andrew says, "I’m one of those
annoying people who will pick up on a snatch of your conversation and build an album around it!”
This is Andrew live…
This is the troubadour songwriter
Dave Miatt:

Jackie Paper, a.k.a Dave Miatt, is perhaps better known today as the guitarist from fast-rising indie band and
Radio 1 darlings Thomas Tantrum. Long before he ever wielded an electric at Maida Vale, however, Dave was
busking up and down the pubs and bars of Bevois Valley (notorious Southampton sleaze-ridden club strip)
with an anti-folk set of delicacy and intensity.
Though ultimately it led him to the world of electrics and Jagermeister that is the UK indie circuit with TT, Dave
has always remained a folkie at heart, ant it’s to these roots he now returns as Jackie Paper.
This year we’re glad that Dave’s returned with a live set and upcoming EP that remind us all why he was so
captivating to watch in the first place.
Steve Picken:
Initially influenced by the guitar sound and technique of great blues/rock guitarists like Gary Moore, Jimi
Hendrix and Joe Satriani, Steve Picken picked up the guitar at an early age. As his style of music progressed, he
applied techniques taken from the electric guitar to a wholly acoustic sound. Steve has performed alongside
Tommy Emmanuel at the Tommy Fest 2005 and Tommy continues to be a great influence in Steve’s music. A
solo guitarist that can hold an audiences attention, entertain and inspire.
As his playing progressed, Steve embraced the acoustic guitar and began to apply techniques taken from the
electric guitar to his acoustic sound. When Steve met fellow musician Mike Muirhead, the duo (eventually to
become a trio including Steve's brother Andy) ‘Midway’ was formed. Their unique, purely acoustic sound,
mixing original song writing with quirky covers with a dash of folk, was welcomed by audiences across the
south and as a result they built up a loyal following on the Hampshire and Dorset music scene.

Dave Mitchell:

“Dave is a Singer-Songwriter based in Southampton. 2011 saw Dave record a 12 track album (with C-Live
Sessions). This year, Dave is still writing and recording new songs, and looking forward to performing in new
venues; keeping on spreading the music.”
Seán McGowan:
At just 17, Seán started gigging in late 2010 along with Dean Paul accompanying him on acoustic guitar. In less
than a year he has won a national competition to support Shed Seven at the O2 Academy Bournemouth, and
was recently voted as 'Unsigned Act Of The Week' by a national radio station. For fans of the likes of Paul
Weller, Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer, Seán sings his original folk/punk/protest songs from the heart.
“Outstanding – our Unsigned Track of the Week” Absolute Radio
“Amazing new artist who we are expecting big things from” Xan Phillips, Voice FM
“I f****** love this guy” Beans On Toast

Marthas Man:
South-coast born, Martha's Man is an acoustic driven artist with a melodic pop style.
On one hand Martha's Man sounds British, but on the other hand, he sounds like an artist with global appeal.
Able to captivate any audience through memorable choruses and melodies, his songs instantly sound familiar.
The songs reflect real emotions and feelings, but in an upbeat and charming way that will make you sing along
regardless of the sad undertones.
Influences have been taken from a vast array of artists, including Chris Martin, Gary Barlow and Noel
Gallagher, but with Paul McCartney being the very heart of Martha's Man's existence.
Martha's Man has his own wicked way with melody and voice that will make you turn around and listen.
If you like the lighter end of rock and/or the better end of pop, you won't forget Martha's Man.
The Widowmaker:
The Widowmaker has a dark, almost occult feel, without the evil that is normally associated with such things.
Influenced by the magical mixed with the reality and the disillusionment that the modern world brings, The
Widowmaker exhibits blues and Folk influences on a satiric and ironic level, his sound being mainly acoustic,
with intricate fingerstyle embellished by colourful prose. Influenced by early Fairport convention, Pentangle,
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, City and Colour, Jay Jay Pistolet,
Pete Doherty, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell, The Widowmaker takes you on a trip down
memory lane as he writes about his life experiences to date on his new album, Soundtrack to Reality.
Bryony Marie Fry:
Bryony Marie Fry is an acoustic/indie/folk singer, songwriter and musician who has been writing and
performing from a very young age. Played Glastonbury two years in a row amongst other festivals and
supported the likes of Alessi's Ark, Karima Francis, Kid Harpoon and Peggy Sue and many more.



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