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(1636) Olivos Pcia. Bs. As - Argentina. PHONE/FAX:
425-799-3895 123 S.E. 3rd Avenue, #194 Miami, Florida POSTAL / ADDRESS:
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* Certified Translator of the English Language (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 1984) * Simultaneous Interpreter (Lucille Barnes Institute, December 2000) ACCREDITATION 1:
Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires). Reg. No. 2382 - Folio 230 - Book IX - City of Buenos Aires - Argentina. ACCREDITATION 2:
American Translators Association - # 229.783  Six-year-course in English. Certificate issued by Lenguas Vivas Institute, Bs As (1981).  First Certificate, issued by Cambridge University (1982).  Certificate of four-year-course in Italian, issued by Dante Alighieri Association.  Certificate of third year in French, issued by French Alliance, Buenos Aires. (Also attended several conversation courses, with private teachers, for two more years). BACKGROUND


 Love and adventure stories, different series, such as: VIOLENA, AMOR Y AVENTURA, etc. edited by JAVIER VERGARA EDITOR S.A (1982-1994).  Literary translations of primary school books for EDITORIAL SIGMAR, including a complete collection about pollution, waste disposal, world population and world forests (May-June 1993). Translation of a book for children about dinosaurs (July 1993). Translation of another book for children, about the female reproductive organs and pregnancy, (March 1994). Both of them for the above mentioned editors.  Literary translations for EDITORIAL ATLÁNTIDA. In charge of the translation and adaptation of books for children written in different languages. Translator of the Series Choose Your Own Adventure (over 20 titles). Other series translated by me include at least 40 titles of FISHER PRICE; "La Bruja Berta" (2 titles); "Quisiera Ser" (four titles); "Sabueso perdió su Hueso"; "Cuentos para la Bañera" (4 titles). And also love stories for the same editor: "Colección 16" (6 titles); "Apasionada"; "Romantísima".  Translation into English of a Book containing photographic material of Argentina, REVISTA GENTE (a well-known magazine in Argentina) and sponsored by the National Secretariat of Tourism.
 Author of 5 books for EDITORIAL ATLÁNTIDA, at a request of T.V show producers, namely: - El libro de oro de Chiquititas [TE-LE-FE] (March 1997) - Mi Bebé [UTILISIMA]) (June 1994) - Crecer juntos [UTILISIMA] (March 1998). - Recuerdos para mis nietos (September 1999) - Camino a la boda (December 2000)  Author of a book for EDICIONES B, BARCELONA, SPAIN: - Nueve Lunas [Still unpublished]
 Translation of personal documents (diplomas, personal ID, curricula, etc.).  Contracts: copyright contracts, lease agreements, manufacturing contracts (for the manufacture and distribution of medications); software support agreement, etc.  Security Funds: A Study carried out jointly by the Ministry of Economy – Bs. As. – Argentina and PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON (N. York, USA)  Notarial certifications
 Translations into English for Alimentos Modernos concerning different brochures on frozen food products, reports on the potato market in Argentina, etc. (November-December 1996).  Y2K Contingency Plan, Areopuertos 2000 (Argentina Air Force)  Translations for GMAC Argentina (contracts, banking, etc.).  Translations for Rapp Collins, an advertising agency (Accounts: DaimlerChrysler, UUNET,
 Technical translation of two manuals regarding production and marketing of different classes  Automotive Industry: Special Service Campain Notices/Safety Recall Notices for Toyota; Manuals and Advertising Material for Daimler Chrysler. SPECIALIZATIONS
Patents of Invention
I have translated over 5000 patents for different firms (everyday, since October 1995 to date), in fields such as:
* Chemistry:
* Medicine:.
* Cosmetic:
* Food products:
* Technical:
* Telecommunications:
* Optics:
* Miscellaneous:

Medical Texts
 Protocols for different clinical studies, concerning namely: - Investigational drugs for Acute Mania; - Investigational drugs for HIV; - Investigational drugs for Pancreatitis; - Investigational drugs for Infertility - Comparative Studies on Parkinson's Disease - Comparative Studies on Multiple Sclerosis  Informed consents;  Amendments to protocols  Investigator's Brochures  Package inserts (Taxotere, Videx EC, Zerit, Videx (didanosine), Calcitriol, among others)  Special medical report on Diabetes Mellitus (April 2001).  Anxiety Disorders (large ongoing project for an agency in UK) MY CLIENTS ABROAD
 INTERLINGUA.COM, a translation agency in California, USA. Areas: medicine, commercial issues, insurance, children safety devices, etc. (Working almost on a daily basis form March 2000 up to date)  TRANSPERFECT, a translation agency in Clovis California, USA. Medical texts  KALEIDOSCOPE (Israel, September 2001 to present). Cosmetics, technical material.  iSPEAK, a translation agency in Florida, USA. OPTIMUM TRANSLATIONS, LLc, a translation agency in Tennessee, USA. Mainly texts for voice over, manuals, industrial safety material, advertising material. TRUSTFORTE LANGUAGE SERVICES, a translation agency in N. YORK, USA. Large project completed between November 2001 to January 2002 concerning a catalog and book of video, photo, and electronic devices. RUSSTECH, a translation agency in Florida, USA. JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Medical Devices from Florida, USA. FIRST OVERSEAS BANK LIMITED PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON (N. York, USA). THE SPANISH TRANSLATOR, a translation agency in (San Diego, California, USA, April 2002). NAGPAL, Medical translations (Paris, France. April 2002). ABOUT WORLD ART (recently translated their site). ALBANY TRANSCOMM SM INTERNATIONAL (New York, USA). DR. JUAN CARLOS AYUS, Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. ELZABURU, Intellectual Property Atts. & Lawyers ETCETERA LANGUAGE GROUP, INC. (W/ OFFICES IN ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, AND US) WORKFORCE LANGUAGE SERVICES (Chicago, USA) SOROR LANGUAGE SERVICES (Johannesburg, USA) NOVA LANGUAGE SERVICES (Barcelona, SPAIN) T&I SOLUTIONS LLC (Long Island, USA) MY CLIENTS IN ARGENTINA
 G. BREUER (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  MARVAL O’FARRELL & MAIRAL (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  OBLIGADO Y CÍA LIMITADA S.A (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  NADAL VIÑALS Y ASOCIADOS (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  LA SERENÍSIMA  BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO  G. BREUER (Intellectual Property Law Firm, my own client since May 2006)  HAUSEHEER BELGRANO & FERNÁNDEZ (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  ESTUDIO IZQUIERDO (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  ESTUDIO GOYTÍA Y CÍA. (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  RICHELET & RICHELET (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  GOLD, BERKENWALD, ALVAREZ (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  COLL ARECO (Intellectual Property Law Firm)  BANCO MARIVA  CINECOLOR  CILFA S.A.  EDITORIAL ATLÁNTIDA  EDITORIAL VERGARA  RAPP COLLINS  GMAC COMPAÑÍA FINANCIERA S.A.  CAMPO AUSTRAL S.A.  VILMAX SACIFIIYA  EXFEMA S.A.  SADE HARD & SOFT
 Windows XP, PROFESSIONAL, VERSION 2002.  24-hour Internet Connection. Scanner  Certification of documents at Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Bs As. CONTACT INFO
- Phone/ fax: 54-1-1- 4795-7166
- Cell phone: 54-11-4052-4255
-e-mail: [email protected]
- Website:


Pii: s0929-693x(01)00988-5

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Dietary supplementation with chlorella pyrenoidosa produces positive results in patients with cancer or suffering from certain common chronic illnesses

Dietary Supplementation with Chlorella pyrenoidosa Produces Positive Results in Patients with Cancer or Suffering From Certain Common Chronic Illnesses Randall E. Merchant is a professor of anatomy and neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia. Cynthia A. Andre is a clinical research coordinator and social worker at Virginia Commonwealth University'

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