2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN -- ROUND ONE, UPPER LEVEL What girl, abandoned on Naxos, became the bride of Dionysus? ARIADNE Who had abandoned Ariadne, after she had helped to save his life? THESEUS What sister of Ariadne later married Theseus? PHAEDRA Who wrote the Epicurean work De Rerum Natura? LUCRETIUS What famous Roman prepared De Rerum Natura for publishing after the death of Lucretius? Who was turned into a weasel for tricking Eileithyia into allowing Heracles to be born? Who was the half-brother of Heracles, and the son of Amphitryon? IPHICLES Who was the nephew of Heracles who helped him to kill the Hydra? IOLAUS For five points each, name two of the three provinces Caesar oversaw during his first consulship.
ILLYRICUM, GALLIA CISALPINA, GALLIA NARBONENSIS/TRANSALPINA (aka PROVINCIA) What type of verb are soleÇ, gaudeÇ, and f§dÇ? Although they were called the Aloadae, Otus and Ephialtes were really the sons of which god? How did the mother of the Aloadae attract Poseidon? STOOD IN THE SEA AND SPLASHED WATER ON HERSELF UNTIL HE IMPREGNATED HER What deity tricked Otus and Ephialtes into killing each other? ARTEMIS What was the dinner held on the ninth day after a death called? What was the minimum burial for religious purposes? What was a cenotaphium? A TOMB ERECTED IF THE BODY COULD NOT BE RECOVERED(AN EMPTY TOMB) To what fellow author did he dedicate them? Catullus was most famous for his love poetry to what lady? Romulus and Remus were brothers, but what is the meaning of the Latin word remus? OAR Complete the following analogy. Homer : Livius Andronicus :: Apollonius Rhodius : ___________ How many books were there in Flaccus's Argonautica? Under which emperor did Valerius Flaccus write? 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN -- ROUND ONE, UPPER LEVEL Give the dative singular of haec coniur~tiÇ. Give the ablative singular of qu§dam c§vis. Give the genitive plural of §dem homÇ. Who was tied to the horns of a bull by her hair by Amphion and Zethus? Who was the mother of Amphion and Zetheus, whom Dirce had mistreated? What king of Sicyon sheltered the pregnant Antiope? Which of the following, if any, does NOT come from the Latin word somnus: somnifacient,somniloquy, somnolent, or Sominex? Using your knowledge of Latin, tell me what ‘somniloquy’ is. If your doctor tells you that the medicine he has just prescribed is ‘somniferous’, which of thefollowing actions should you never do after taking it: eat, drive, sleep, watch TV? A verb related to serp‘ns is serpÇ. Define both serp‘ns and serpÇ.
A related adjective is serpentip‘s, define this word. Listen carefully to the following passage, which I will read twice. Then answer in Latin thequestion that follows: “Catullus carmina d‘ amÇre et am§citi§s scr§psit. Horatius carmina d‘ popul§s etpo‘t§s scr§psit. Ovidius carmina d‘ amÇre et de§s scr§psit. Vergilius carmina d‘agr§s et arm§s scr§psit.” (repeat) Who wrote the Thebais, a twelve book account of the dispute between Eteocles and Polyneices? What work was interrupted by Statius's death? What was the title of Statius's eclectic collection of poems to friends on various subjects,including an address to sleep? Where did Hannibal first crush the Romans in a large battle of 218 B.C.? TREBIA RIVER P. CORNELIUS SCIPIO (FATHER OF AFRICANUS) OR SEMPRONIUS LONGUS What tactic did Hannibal use in this battle? SURPRISE ATTACK FROM THE REAR; TROOPSCAME UP BEHIND WHILE THE ROMANS WERE FIGHTING IN FRONT In the sentence, “If he should ask me what they are doing, I would tell him.” translate into Latin In the same sentence, translate ‘if he should ask me’. SI M ROGET (} M PETAT) In the same sentence, translate ‘I would tell him’. E¦ DICAM 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN -- ROUND ONE, UPPER LEVEL ‘Fiscal’ meaning "pertaining to money" comes from what Latin word? What is the meaning of the Latin word at the root of "finances"? What more basic Latin verb is the root of taxo? What king of Pergamum induced Rome to go to war against a Seleucid king in the 190's B.C.? What battle in the war with Antiochus was the last notable Roman naval victory over a purely foreignenemy? 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN -- ROUND TWO, UPPER LEVEL Give the dative singular of aliqua r‘s. Give the accusative plural of hoc tempus. HAEC TEMPORA In whose honor were the Nemean games first celebrated? OPHELTES Which of the Seven Against Thebes gave Opheltes a new name, Archemorus, after his death? Who was the first man over the wall of Carthage in the Third Punic War? What crown was thereby awarded to Tiberius? Name Tiberius' father-in-law, the Princeps Senatus. APPIUS CLAUDIUS PULCHER What elegiac poet accompanied his patron Messalla in his campaign to the east? TIBULLUS Who wrote love poems to a woman he called Cynthia? Who wrote the Heroides, a collection of fictitious letters from mythological women to theirhusbands? What son of Pelopia and Thyestes was the lover of Clytemnestra? AEGISTHUS By what item was Aegisthus recognized when sent to kill his father? SWORD (OF THYESTES) Who avenged Agamemnon by killing Clytemnestra and Aegisthus? What is the definition of the Latin noun fundus? What is the definition of the Latin verb fundÇ, fundere? POUR, POUR OUT, MELT, SPREAD What is the definition of the Latin verb fundo, fund~re? LAY THE FOUNDATION OF, FOUND What was the day for naming a Roman baby called? What was the day of this celebration for girls? What was an infant called until it received a name? Differentiate the meanings of the adjective ferus and the noun feriae.
FERUS = WILD FERIAE = HOLIDAY What is the meaning of the Latin noun ferrum? What is the meaning of the Latin noun ferr~rius? What king of Scheria was the father of Queen Arete? Whose Punica was said to be the longest Roman epic poem? What was the subject of this work by Italicus? For the verb edÇ, edere, give the second person plural present active subjunctive. ED}TIS What is the supine of edÇ? SUM / Sâ 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN -- ROUND TWO, UPPER LEVEL What Roman general fought Mithridates starting around 74 B.C. and eventually brought thecherry tree to Rome? (LUCIUS LICINIUS) LUCULLUS Who then replaced Lucullus in the campaign? (MANIUS ACILIUS) GLABRIO For what Latin word does the abbreviation cf. stand? CONFER For what Latin phrase does the abbreviation e.g. stand? What author of a 37-book work called “Natural History” died while commanding the fleet atMisenum in 79 A.D.? What city was the birthplace of Pliny the Elder? With what future emperor had Pliny served a tour of duty in Germany? Listen carefully to the following passage, which I will read twice. Then answer in Latin thequestion that follows: “Raeda magna disc‘dit Rom~ secund~ hor~. In raed~ sunt ãna VirgÇ Vest~lis, ãnuspontifex, et ãnus servus. VirgÇ pontific§ d§cit, “Quam pulcher di‘s est!” PontifexservÇ d§cit, “Visne tã edere? M~la fero.” Servus pontific§ d§cit, “Mihi nÇn placentm~la.” (repeat) Question: In qual§ vehiculÇ sunt h§ omn‘s? Who wrote such Old Comedy plays as The Wasps and The Clouds? What tragic playwright authored the Oedipus trilogy? Who was the principal Greek writer of New Comedy? What is the Latin root and its meaning of the words ‘consider’, ‘desire’, and ‘sidereal’? The more common word for star, stella, gives us what adjective, meaning excellent or outstanding? Another word for ‘star,’ lumen, gives us what adjective, meaning full of light? LUMINOUS Where did Pompey defeat Caesar in Greece? Where were Pompey and his life finally separated? ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Which son of Pompey outlived Caesar but died in the civil conflicts following Caesar’s death? What is the full form of the syncopated verb form rogast§? ROG}VIST¦ Give the corresponding subjunctive form for rog~vist§. ROG}VER¦S Who raped Alcippe, the daughter of Ares? HALIRRHOTHIUS What was Halirrhothius' fate? KILLED BY ARES What court was founded to try Ares for this crime? AREOPAGUS 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --FINALS,UPPER LEVEL Who wrote the eighth and final book of Caesar's De Bello Gallico? AULUS HIRTIUS Who wrote a story of the deification of Caesar and his appearance as a comet? OVID What first century AD author wrote the Pharsalia about the civil war between Caesar andPompey? ampus a share of his kingdom to cure his daughters' madness? PROETUS What city did Proetus rule when Acrisius allowed him to return to the Argolid? TIRYNS Who was the father-in-law and supporter of Iobates? Which of the following is not a derivative of socius: society, soccer, insouciant, sociable? Which of the following is not a derivative of spes: despair, desperado, desperate, disperse? Which of the following is not a derivative of pello: dispel, sepulchre, propulsion? What mortal was the first to receive wine from Dionysus? ICARIUS Who was the daughter of Icarius, who was loved by Dionysus? ERIGONE Who was the loyal dog of Erigone and Icarius? MAERA What Roman victory so discouraged the Carthaginians that they would not fight any more landbattles for the remainder of the First Punic War? AGRIGENTUM What Carthaginian admiral defeated Claudius Pulcher in the Battle of Drepana? ADHERBAL What Carthaginian admiral drove Junius Pullus into a storm that wrecked his fleet? Respond‘ Latin‘ “Quot latera in quadratÇ sunt”? QUATTUOR Quid est melius uno capite? DUO (or DUA) CAPITA Quid est par duabus avibus in frondibus”? UNA (AVIS) IN MANâ What is the definition of the Latin word supplex? KNEELING, SUPPLICATING, What is the definition of the Latin verb supplicÇ? KNEEL, BESEECH, ENTREAT What is the definition of the Latin word supellex? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE In her childhood, this favorite of Diana was hurled across a river tied to a spear? CAMILLA Listen carefully to the following passage from Catullus, which I will read twice. Then answerin English the question that follows: (note to moderator -- these are elegiac couplets!) “Lesbia m§ praesente virÇ mala plãrima d§cit: haec ill§ fatuÇ maxima laetitia est.
mãle, nihil sent§s? s§ nostr§ obl§ta tac‘ret, sana esset” (repeat) Cui placet Lesbia d§c‘ns mala plãrima? S§ Lesbia sana esset, cuius obl§v§scer‘tur? 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --FINALS,UPPER LEVEL What Roman novelist was born in the city of Madaurus, Numidia? APULEIUS What rich older woman did he marry in Alexandria? AEMILIA PUDENTILLA What charge was brought against him by her relatives?THAT HE HAD BEWITCHED HER INTO MARRYING HIM What king of Mauretania handed over Jugurtha to the Romans? BOCCHUS Who convinced him to do it? (L. CORNELIUS) SULLA Who celebrated a triumph over Jugurtha? (GAIUS) MARIUS Translate “Librum scripsit d‘ l§bertate d‘fendend~”. HE WROTE A BOOK ABOUT DEFENDING LIBERTY/FREEDOM.
Say, using a passive construction, “He must write a book”. LIBER E¦ SCRIBENDUS EST Translate “We learn by listening to our teachers”. MAGISTRIS AUDIENDIS DISCIMUS What Roman author spent his last days in exile in the Black Sea town of Tomi? OVID What three word explanation did Ovid give of his crime? CARMEN ET ERROR What work, a how-to seduction manual, may have been the "carmen" Ovid spoke of?ARS AMATORIA Give the meaning of the two Greek words at the root of brontosaurus.
THUNDER (BRONTE) Do the same for stegosaurus. PLATE (STEGOS) Maiasaurus gets its name from the mother of what Olympian? HERMES For what common action were linum, cera and signum all used? SEALING A LETTER What were most literary works published on? What was the Latin word for a roll of papyrus? What is the full form of the syncopated verb fuere? Give the perfect active infinitive of this verb. What is a common contraction for futãrum esse. Who was reunited with his beloved, Pimplea, by Heracles? Whom did Heracles defeat to rescue Pimplea? Who wrote the Vulgate, a Latin translation of the Bible? JEROME (HIERONYMUS) Who wrote a work entitled De civitate Dei, "the City of God"? What imperial-era historian wrote a set of 50 biographies comparing pairs of Greek and Romanindividuals with similar lives? Differentiate in meaning between the Latin words oliva and olivum. OLIVA = OLIVE, OLIVE TREE, OLIVE BRANCH, OLIVE WREATH OLIVUM = OIL(OLIVE) What is the meaning of the Latin word olla? JAR OR POT What is the meaning of the Latin word olor? SWAN 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --FINALS,UPPER LEVEL Name the son-in-law of king Tarquinius Superbus who gave him asylum 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --EXTRA QUESTIONS, UPPER LEVEL NOTE: THESE EXTRA QUESTIONS HAVE NOT BEEN VETTED What Roman wrote plays on such subjects as Haunted Houses, Braggart Soldiers, and the birth ofHeracles? PLAUTUS Who was the hero in the Aulularia? EUCLIO What was the name of Plautus' comedy about the confusion surrounding the birth of Heracles?AMPHITRUO Who wrote an account of the fall of Troy in book II of his Aeneid? VERGIL With whose death did the Aeneid end? TURNUS Of which of his works did Vergil dedicate the third book to Pales, god of herdsmen? GEORGICS What gourmet, who lived under Augustus and TIberius, wrote the framework for a Romancooking manual that took shape in the fourth century A.D.? What first century B.C. author is our best source for Roman architecture? VITRUVIUS Which writer of mime was accredited with a long list if sententiae compiled in the first centuryAD, and even quoted by St. Jerome? PUBLILIUS SYRUS Who disagreed with the decision of Tmolus in a music contest? MIDAS Who was the winner of the contest, according to Tmolus? APOLLO What punishment was Midas given for his disagreement? ASS' EARS What sea deity detained Helen during the Trojan War? PROTEUS Who instructed Menelaus on how to capture Proteus? IDOTHEA What disguise did Menelaus assume when stalking Proteus? SEAL In the Aeneid, who shouts "Equo ne credite, Teucri", in a vain effort to stop the Trojans fromaccepting the horse? LAOCOON What was Laocoon's fate? KILLED BY SERPENTS FROM THE SEA (ALONG WITH HIS SONS) What Greek was left behind to tell the Trojans of the horse? SINON What were the ludi circenses? CHARIOT RACES How was the race started? THE GIVER OF THE GAMES DROPPED A MAPPA (NAPKIN) What were used as lap counters? EGGS AND DOLPHINS 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --EXTRA QUESTIONS, UPPER LEVEL What punishment did Octavian assign to L. Antonius after defeating Antonius in the Perusine War? NONE -- HE PARDONED HIM AND ACTUALLY GAVE HIM A COMMAND IN SPAIN What was the nomen of Octavian's supporter Maecenas? CILNIUS Name two supporters of Octavian who helped him defeat L. Antonius.
AGRIPPA, MAECENAS, AND SALVIDIENUS RUFUS What trench formed the border of the Roman province of Africa? FOSSA SCIPIONIS Who led the defense of Carthage in the Third Punic War? HASDRUBAL (NOT HANNIBAL’SBROTHER) What third-century BC Roman was called ‘Neptune's general’? SCIPIO AFRICANUS What was the ceremonial wedding couch in the atrium called? LECTUS GENIALIS Into how many locks was the bride's hair separated? 6 Based on Servius Tullius' reforms, how many centuries of citizens were there in the popular How many were ‘equestrian’ centuries? 18 Successful land invasions of the Greek mainland were supposed to have gone through one of threenarrow mountain passes called ‘fetters’. Name a ‘fetter’ of Greece. Name another. ACROCORINTH, CHOLCIS, DEMETRIUS Give the Latin noun root and its meaning for "muscle". MUS -- MOUSE If someone described you as muscid, you wouldn’t be like a mouse, but you would be like what othercreature? A FLY Give the Latin word root and its meaning at the root of "mousse". MULSA -- WINE MIXED WITHHONEY What is the meaning of the Latin word tuba? TRUMPET Translate the verb nesciÇ. I DON’T KNOW Translate the verb oblitus sum . I FORGOT Tell me, in Latin, that you will remember tomorrow. MEMINERO (MEMINERIMUS) CRAS Translate the idiom navem solvere. TO SET SAIL Translate the idiom navem d‘ducere. TO LAUNCH A SHIP Translate the idiom ancor~s iacere. TO DROP ANCHOR 2000 TEXAS STATE CERTAMEN --EXTRA QUESTIONS, UPPER LEVEL What is the meaning of the Latin noun at the root of "stencil"? SPARK What is the meaning of the Latin noun at the root of "pencil"? TAIL What is the meaning of the Latin noun at the root of "marker"? MARGIN Translate the following into English: V‘n§, v§d§, vic§. “I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED.” Translate the following into English: primus inter pares FIRST AMONG PEERS/EQUALS Translate the following into English: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” I FEAR THE GREEKSWHO ARE BEARING GIFTS.
Differentiate in meaning between the noun and the adjective uber.
NOUN-- UDDER, TEAT, BREAST Differentiate in meaning between the noun and adverb v‘rum.
NOUN -- TRUTH, REALITY, FACT Differentiate in meaning between somnium and somnus.
SOMNIUM--DREAM SOMNUS-- SLEEP, For what do the initials SPQR stand? SEN}TUS POPULUSQUE RÆM}NUS For what Latin word does Ag serve as a chemical abbreviation? ARGENTUM

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